Why Is DeSpace Important in the DeFi industry

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Developer : DeSpace
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DeSpace is a ray of hope in the DeFi industry, supporting multilayer tokens and NFT cards, combined governance, redesigned Yield Farming, and NFT Mining. The project aims to develop a stable, intuitive, and secure system in the DeFi industry that will benefit all users.

The DeSpace NFT platform addresses two major industry issues: NFTs are illiquid and difficult to sell to diffused markets, and most NFTs lose value over time due to a lack of real utility.

The DeSpace NFT platform, as part of the overall value system being created at DeSpace Protocol, aggregates NFTs that would otherwise exist in isolated platforms on different chains into a user-friendly marketplace. This means users no longer have to scour multiple platforms for the NFT they want because DeSpace aggregates the most popular marketplaces.

What’s Special about DeSpace

DeSpace’s own NFTs will hold value in the long run because they are useful and collectable. Users can farm, stake, purchase, and win DeSpace NFTs of varying rarity, which will enhance their DeFi experience in various ways, thanks to integrations such as Chainlink’s VRF. As a result of being able to mine DeSpace Protocol tokens, the NFTs will have actual value rather than speculatively priced.

They require access to a secure random number generator (RNG) that any user can independently audit to secure our NFT platform. On the other hand, RNG solutions for smart contracts necessitate several security considerations to prevent manipulation and ensure system integrity. RNG solutions based on on-chain data, such as block hashes, can be exploited by blockchain miners, whereas off-chain RNG solutions, such as traditional data providers, are opaque and do not provide users with definitive proof of the process’s integrity.

Concerning the DeSpace Protocol

DeSpace Protocol is the most sophisticated DeFi and NFT navigation tool available today. We provide users with a variety of DeFi and NFT products from across the crypto ecosystem, including our own, all through a single interface. DeSpace is powered by DeChain, a Layer-2 blockchain solution that connects disparate chains and enables simple transactions across a network of bridges. Every transaction a user makes earns them DES, our native token that unlocks a massive amount of utility on the platform.

Final Say

DeSpace combines the best of DeFi and NFTs into a single, user-friendly platform that rewards users.

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