Win Real Money in Gala Bingo

by Nov 28, 20130 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : Real money can be won
Negatives : Depositing money is difficult

The popular game of Bingo is back with Gala Bingo. This is a game that actually gives you chance to enjoy the real thrill of the game and win a lot of money as you play on. It is a game of numbers and slots and all you have to do is to match the ticket numbers with the numbers that are displayed on the bingo board. It is all so easy and there are numerous slots to choose from once you deposit money for the game. It is real money and real fun that make the game special and its compatibility with most of the iOS devices makes it even more interesting.

Gala Bingo follows the general rule of bingo and it is called gala as the prize money distributed everyday reaches to a massive £2,000,000. It is a part of UK’s biggest bingo operator and thus you can trust the authenticity of the game. Gala Bingo, presented by Gala has already captured attention of the bingo lovers who are looking for games that are not only excited about the game but also want to win some money through it. You can participate in as many games you like till your balance lasts and can deposit money again and again to play on. You can purchase more than one tickets and see if you win. With such a massive prize to be distributed, it is possible for anyone to win in the Gala Bingo.



  • Gala bingo is actually the popular game of bingo with over 40 games that provide you a chance to win.
  • There are 13 bingo rooms in the game with different amounts of daily jackpots to win. Jackpots will be yours when all the numbers in one ticket matches with the displayed numbers.
  • There are adventure slots in the game. Some of them are Wonderland, Elvis, Kitty Glitter, Cleopatra, and Dynamite Digger.
  • There are daily jackpots available in some of the rooms such as Metropolis, Castle and Country and Deal or no Deal Bingo!
  • You can win a lot of money in the games as over £2,000,000 is paid out everyday in the game.
  • You can deposit cash in your account to start with the play.
  • There are scratch cards to win in some of the big money slots. To see what you have won, rub the screen.
  • You require registering your account with the game admin in order to play.
  • There are options to buy pre-tickets in case of 24/7 games.
  • The version 2.1 of the app made it compatible to full screen with iOS 7.
  • The app takes around 11.8 MB space on your iPad and it is compatible to iOS 5.0 or later.

Summary: Gala bingo is a bingo app on iTunes that will let you win real money in the numerous bingo games that are available throughout the day.

Good: Real money can be won and the chance that you will win some is quite high with so many games to participate in.

Bad: Depositing money is difficult at times as the server sometime does not allow entering the payment page.

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