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Genre : Tools
Platform : Web
Developer : Wincher
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use
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When you search for something on the web, search engine result pages are displayed and people usually click on the pages which are on the top. Every website owner wants to increase the search traffic on their website and become one of the top ranked sites. This technique is most popularly known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). One can promote their website, edit the HTML content, use certain keywords and many more ways to get more and more traffic to their websites. But, how can you determine which effort is going right? The best way to determine how successful your SEO campaigns are going is through keyword ranking process! You need to see where you are standing and how much more effort it will take to get to the top. So today I am going to introduce you to a tool that has been developed especially for you guys!

Wincher is the ultimate rank tracker for SEO and it saves you a lot of time and money as well! Gone are the days when marketers used to waste a lot of money on SEO. This tool is just mind blowing which is packed with awesome features and it’s an affordable rank tracking tool. The dashboard of Wincher is quite simple and appears by just filling a simple form. You will get an overview of your overall keyword rankings, and a graph of your position and the ups and downs. There is a section on the dashboard which displays a list of keywords, their current ranking position, any change in the rankings and the search volume for each traffic.

The dashboard of Wincher is very neat and clean and displays things which are to the point! You can see your keywords position and add more keywords to your website and their rankings will begin to change, and the graph will be updated again which is very crowded. So the best thing about this tool is that you can select individual keywords to look at and thus avoid the clutter.

You can compare your rankings with your competitors and group your keywords which is the best feature of this tool. You need to enter the URL of your competitor’s website which you want to compare and see if they surpass you or you pass them. They will also show you a list of the other sites who are ranking for your keyword as well. It’s helpful if you are tracking a lot of keywords together so that you can categorize your keywords. After that, you can filter your ranking graph by groups. You can export your keyword ranking reports as a CSV or a PDF file and even add a logo to it. Moreover, you can schedule reports to be sent out on your email ID- weekly or monthly. At the same time, if there are any changes in the ranking, Wincher will also send out emails.

Overall, I would say that Wincher is not 100 percent accurate, but as far as rankings are concerned, it gives you a detailed estimated overview which is very helpful for your business if you want to spend less and get more! So I would totally recommend Wincher until you are able to invest in a more robust tool. Till then Wincher is a perfect tool for you!

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