Wineosphere : If you love wine, you really need to download

by Aug 1, 20150 comments

Genre : Food & Drink
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : wine reviews, concept, easy to use
Negatives : none

To begin with this free iPhone app is incredibly easy to use, with its simple yet bold layout, and easy to navigate screens. Once you have downloaded the app from the iTuness App Store, a Homescreen will appear on your phone screen, showing the four ‘moons’ of Wineosphere. These are ‘home’, ‘social’, ‘my wine’ and ‘the shops’. You are encouraged to navigate each of these ‘moons’ in order to find out more about how the app works in order to get the best use out of it. So that is exactly what I did.



The home tab is where you begin your search for wine in regards to region and place. There are over 25000 independent wine reviews to search through and read, and new reviews are added daily. They also encourage you to scan a bottle of wine so that you can see what reviews are available. I scanned the barcode on a bottle of Campi Viego 2009, that I had at home. Within seconds the app told me that this wine was from the Roija region of Spain, and customer reviews were there on screen ready for me to read. Wineosphete also gave a full description of the taste of the wine and what food it would be accompanied with! I was stunned!


I then decided to do a search for a bottle of red wine from Australia, at the lower end of the price market. I usually drink Spanish or French wine, but as this app is primarily for searching Australian and New Zealand wines, I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Again within seconds literally hundreds of different types of wine appeared on screen. Each showing price and with related reviews to read.

The beauty of this iPhone app is that it is portable. We all carry our phone with us all of the time, myself included, and therefore when shopping for wine it will be incredibly easy and useful to do a quick customer search on a bottle of wine. You just scan the barcode and all of the infuriation you need is there on screen.

This app is so much more though than finding that much coveted bottle of wine. It is an entire social community as well, that you can join in with and share your particular choices of wine. Although I haven’t got round to this yet, I will be doing so soon.


‘My wine’ is the place where you ‘store’ all of your favourite wine info, so you can easily find that perfect wine again. This will be vital I feel for finding that special bottle of wine again, when I need it for Christmas dinner.
I’ll be honest, I love wine, especially red wine, but I am no wine expert. I hope though that by using this app I can expand upon my knowledge, find the best prices on wine that are available in my area and find a few like minded friends along the way. There is even an online store! I’ve already recommended Wineosphere to a few of my wine drinking friends.

This app is free, fun to use, easy to navigate and above all else it is useful. If you love your wine then download Wineosphere and join in on the action.

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