Wiper : Modern way of Watching Television

by Feb 5, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Wiper Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, wiper film
Negatives : None

Today in the modern technological world, we want to share every good or bad moment of our lives with people and the new mobile world has aided us a lot in doing so. Today we have lots of application that are available in the mobile market free of cost that helps us in socializing. However, whatever applications that we using, Are they all safe? Whatever data we transfer through the apps, is that data safe? This is a major question that comes in our minds when we think about the application and their use.


If you are the one who has the same question in your mind about the security of the data, then do not worry, there is a new app that is introduced that is totally secure and provide incredible features that will definitely amuse you. Wiper is a new app for the android and I-phones market that you can download and can use the amazing features provided by the company.

Why wiper?

Whenever we come across something new, we always have a question in our mind that why we should use it and how it will benefit us. Wiper is unlike other applications that are available for chat which provides numerous features like voice notes and calls. Well the important thing that differentiates wiper from other apps is the HD calling feature that provides you the amazing call quality. Whenever you are using the call feature, you will feel that you are still using the AT&T network for the call not an application.


What makes wiper different from other apps

If you are using any other messaging app, each app stores the data for a certain period of time on their servers and then after time elapses, the data is been removed. However, with wiper you do not have to wait to get the data deleted. Deletion of the data is in the hands of users now, the amazing feature called “wipe” empowers you to delete the data from not only your mobile but also from your friend’s mobile and from the server of the company at the same time. New feature of wiper also enables you to get the notification whenever anyone takes a screen shot of your chat or images that you sent across. This provides an extra protection feature to the app through which you can use wiper without the worries of unethical use of data.


What’s new with wiper?

Along with the enhanced security feature, wiper has a new amazing feature called wiper Film. This feature will authorize you to view hundreds of independent movies and videos on your living room TV. You can connect your living room television with the Apple TV and you view all the available songs, movies and videos instantly. Not only this you can also share the list of the songs available in the wiper library with your contacts anytime. This amazing feature is available for the users at just $4.99/mon that is very economical as you can see all the latest movies with the outmost quality and songs anytime you want. You can select from the thousands of songs available in the library. If you are a film maker, you can submit your own film to reach it to million of audience instantly on profit sharing basis.

So, now we have an amazing app which is totally secured and where we cannot only chat but we could also share music, watch unlimited movies and we can wipe out unwanted chats anytime we want.

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