Wize levels – hack your logic

by Mar 20, 20220 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Red Tower
Rating : 4.5
Positives : UI, easy to use, effective
Negatives :

Riddles are a sort of puzzle – and as the rundown underneath uncovers, they come in a wide range of structures. Frequently introduced as a puzzle, question or action, riddles require some additional intellectual ability to tackle.


It’s critical to take note of that assuming you have any English language students in your group, entertaining puzzles for youngsters could represent a test for them. Assuming that is the situation, they could require you to walk them through the challenging yet fun puzzle all the more intently, or you can find ones that better suit their language level.


Riddles for youngsters vary from other mind-boggling or dynamic issues since they’re normally finished fun. Even though you can utilize them to investigate critical thinking and decisive reasoning abilities, they’re frequently utilized as an entertaining action to empower consistent and parallel reasoning, or thinking “fresh.”


Download the Wize levels app and get your new brain-pushing experience!

Wize levels is a new striking tricky puzzle game that will freak you out! The number of twisted brain riddles will develop your logical ability, memory, and creativity. All questions are designed to boost up your brain and imagination. Learning has never been so fun and exciting!
Try a completely new approach to logic games! – Shake, rotate or tap your phone to win! It’s a perfect combination of humorous gameplay, knowledge and unexpected solutions.


* Brain-burning teasers and tricky questions

* Unexpected answers

* Humorous game process

* Tons of positive emotions

* Ideal for all ages – Play with friends, family or teachers!

* Awesome gameplay mechanics

Increase your IQ level with fun, break common sense and push your thinking limit!

Take Away

Riddles for youngsters are an extraordinary type of game-based discovery that engage kids as well as motivates some inventive suspects in the study hall. Individuals, everything being equal, can enjoy these energetic – yet testing – exercises in Wize levels App.