Word Chums : Complete Entertaining Package

by Dec 15, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : PeopleFun Inc
Rating : 5
Positives : fun, concept, UI, screens
Negatives : none

Word Chums is a complete package in terms of word games. The app has a classic Scrabble-like game play. In addition, it includes several different playing features and options. The game board looks like the typical Scrabble board having a blue background which looks quite great. The board is basically a grid in which the tiles can be placed on and certain squares having letter or word multipliers.


How to get started

Players have to begin by creating an account before starting to play. However, this is very easy and quick. Users normally select a Chum; this is a cute as well as cartoony looking animal that resembles the avatar. There are several of Chums, from dogs to penguins.

The app begins with a very simple interactive tutorial which guides the players through the game mechanics and the online game options. This tutorial has arrows and overlays which allow the players to place and also spell words.

Game mechanics

One of the main game mechanics that cannot be found in the other word games is the bombs. Bombs usually give players new tiles and they do not take away a player’s turn. In addition, there are also several hints which help in guiding the players by indicating places which are good place to spell any new word. If the players spell the word that’s better as compared to the hint, they will then get a bonus. This is a really nice feature for anyone who is looking to expand his vocabulary since the feature brings up definitions just by tapping a word. Players can only get 10 hints and 5 bombs. In case a player uses a hint and does not play the word which is indicated by the given hint, the app shall actually indicate that there is a better word.



Word Chums free app can be played in different ways. The players can choose to play against a computer, a friend or a random opponent. Each and every different way can be played either one-on-one, with 3-4 players or even in teams. All the different ways in which this app can be played are really great. The game against computers is even further customizable because each Chum has a very different difficulty level.

Just like the Words with Friends game, this game can also be played at a player’s own pace. A single player will make a move while the next player will not have to make his/her move immediately. The multiple games can also be started at once.

Earning coins

Players experience points and earn coins. The coins could be spent in the Chum Markets for several items. There are items which go on the Chum and then increase the experience points that have been earned, boosts that increase the experience points which have been earned for a given period of time, extra hints and more Chums as well.


Player statistics

Players can view statistics and achievements for every game, which is an extremely nice. The application tracks several different stats and will even display the information in a chart. The Word Chums app has tons of content and basically everything that anyone could want from word games.

Final verdict

Word Chums app offers the standard multiplayer’s gameplay that you have come to expect from word games since you will be challenged to make different words using the randomly assigned letter tiles. The longer a word is, the more points that you will earn. This is a very great app to have on your iPhone in case you love word games

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