Word Winder HD : The Ultimate Word Game For iPad Users

by Nov 12, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad
Developer : Adveractive Inc
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
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Challenging games are on the top priority list of iphone users, and the people owning idevices are always in search for such games. Word games have been the brain challengers which does not only keep you engaged for a long time, but also improve your vocabulary and knowledge about words. These games are impeccable in improving brain sharpness. Word winder HD is one such addictive word games that would keep you engaged for a long time and it is developed by David L. Hovt who is already famous for fabricating some of the most interesting puzzle games.

The game, Word Winder HD, is a game that involves strategy and skill. You can mature as a player if your practice hard and thus it induces a feeling of achievement. Several free and paid puzzles are available to make the game even more interesting.


  • The one app has six different games in it and each of them is original. Word winder finder, word winder challenge, word winder frenzy and word roundup frenzy are single player modes while word winder multiplayer and word winder multiplayer speed are designed for 2 to 3 players.
  • Each game has different rules to follow and you will never get bored if you keep on shuffling through games.
  • The word winder finder is a crossword game with each puzzle consisting of three rounds.
  • The frenzy game requires the player to words of different lengths from a grid of letters. This is a time challenge game.
  • In case of the challenge game, there would be stretch of letters on the game board. You have to find the best set of winding words along the board.
  • Time bonus is available in many levels to increase your scores.
  • Roundup frenzy is a bonus puzzle that is hugely popular.
  • Multiplayer games has to be played using pass and play method. In case of the speed game, your target would be to beat time of your opponent in different challenges.
  • The game is provided free of cost for the first 31 days and it comes with 20 free puzzles. 5 puzzles of each 4 types are provided in the game. You can purchase the collection of 200 puzzles and other puzzle collection in case you want to have more of brain challenging games.
  • Merriam Webster dictionary is available to check the validity of the answer.
  • Progress of the game would be automatically saved in the server and you can check for the high score and achievements through game center.
  • The display of the game is supper sharp and it looks fabulous in your ipad.
  • The Word Winder HD version 1.10 is currently available for iPad and you require iOS 4.3 to play it.
  • The game requires only 44.6mb space on your device.

Summary: Word Winder HD is a combination of word and puzzle game which is crafted smartly to keep people interested for a long time.

Good: It is six games in one and it can keep you engaged for a whole day. New puzzles can be bought if you have mastered the free ones.

Bad: The game is not compatible with any other idevice except ipad for the time being.

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