X-Match: A must-play game

by Feb 12, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Liqing Pan
Rating : 4
Positives : strategic and addictive game
Negatives : none

Games are definitely the best way to relax for a lot of people. Addictive games are better and really cool for everyone, since they are simple and easy to play. X-Match is one of these cool and addictive games of the App Store. Indeed many hours after you started playing at it you won’t be able to stop! You just keep restarting again and again! Apart being addictive, it is also a puzzle and strategic game.


X-Match is a simple math game. Ohh don’t think you must have the same IQ as Einstein to play it, no! When I say simple I mean pretty simple to be played by even a 5 years old child. The game interface is simple and look attractive. To score you just have to collect grid with “X” inside. Before being able to find “X” grids, you must tap an empty grid between same titles to merge and create their sum. You can do it with 3, 4 or more titles. If the sum equals 10 or more, it creates an “X”. Then you just have to perform an “X-Match” to collect “X”s and score. If you fill the grid the game is over. Really simple and fun!


For the beginning that is the only one mode you can play, but you don’t need to pay or watch some ads or something like that to unlock other modes. You just keep playing and when you reach a score of 100 you can unlock another mode. You can share your score on Facebook, Twitter and GameCenter. You can also challenge friends and compare your achievements and scores with theirs. There are more than 15 progressive achievements to unlock.

If you don’t love ads, you can remove them for just 0.99$ and have a complete version without ads. X-Match is a brilliant game with a smart idea behind the game. It has been played more than 7 000 times the first 2 weeks in the entire world without advertising. The best record right now is 403Xs in standard mode.


Every match is a challenge for yourself. You try to beat your own score by playing with a different strategy. Yes hum… strategy. You got to use your brains a little bit… or a lot. If you play twice and collect some “X”s, you will quickly notice that, in maybe your next attempt you got to think twice before merging two titles and creating their sum. Because if you merge them like you want, you will fill the grid too soon and the game will be over. You got to restart and think this time or you make the same mistake and start getting tired of the game. But sooner or later you will understand that you must think before merging two titles since there is not any countdown. You got all your time to beat the world best score in X-Match puzzle game !

X-Match is a puzzle is the best puzzle, strategic and addictive game you can download in the App Store. It is the right game when you are bored, stressed or in the bus.

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