XNSPY SMS spy: Remotely monitor cell phone with a live control panel

by Feb 10, 20160 comments

Genre : Security
Platform : iPhone
Developer : XNSPY
Rating : 4
Positives : UI , easy to use
Negatives : none

Smartphone monitoring apps allow its users to manage, control and access a cell phone or tablets using a webpage-based control panel. They are widely used around workplaces and for personal use at home. Parents and managers are acknowledging these apps at a great pace due to their efficacy with filtering and managing content on electronic devices around them.

Kids can’t be left alone with their smartphones or iPads with no parental controls on the, because there are too many online dangers like cyberbullying, catfishing,e-predating and so on.. Similarly, at a workplace, managers want to ensure that their company’s assets are utilised for company-use only. But when it comes to cell phone monitoring apps, there is not much differentiation, except for a few nuances. That’s why—an SMS spylike that from XNSPY is worth consideration.

It will do everything that any top-notch app can, but with a few added benefits.


XNSPY—The most affordable spy

When it comes to spying apps, a lot of care is necessary while buying them, because:

  • They are usually very expensive.
  • They need to be authentic, or you can compromise personal data of the monitored users.
  • They need to be effective and powerful enough to carry out remote tasks.

XNSPY is the most affordable spy app that’s around. It starts at just $8.33/month which is a great price of an app in this category. Compare this to other apps like Flexispy, Mobile spy and mSpy, you would know the real difference as XNSPY is 2-3 times cheaper.

Are the features any good?

If it’s not pricey, it would be generally presumed as a low-end app. Well, that’s not exactly what this app is. With XNSPY, you are not only getting affordability, but also very decent set of monitoring features. They range from Phone logs monitoring to online logs monitoring. A few features that make this app apart are:

  • A Live Control Panel: XNSPY’s webpage control panel allow users to track cell phones in real-time, including GPS monitoring. This feature allows a lag-free monitoring.
  • Dashboard app: Online web browser-based control panel of XNSPY is great, but if you are an Android user, you can download the Dashboard app from the Play Store. This allows for you to experience monitoring right from your smartphone with a fully-customised app.
  • Remote Control: Remote data access off the monitored smartphones isn’t enough, especially when you are using a parental control on your kid’ cell phone. It demands much more than that like the XNSPY’s Remote Control that allows for remote controlling of the target device. You can not only unlock/lock the target smartphone, but also wipe data off it, if needed.
  • Phone logs tracker: With this app, you can track calls, SMS and phonebook entries—the much needed phone logs tracking.
  • Online activity: Parental controls should have a good online tracking spectrum. Kids very often use social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, Kik, Skype, iMessage and Viber. XNSPY will track all of these.

Now, let’s get down to the loopholes of this app. There aren’t many but one that’s worth mentioning. XNSPY doesn’t allow for blocking or filtering content on a monitored device right now, but we can expect it to be available very soon because the app has been providing a lot of updates very frequently.

Reasons to buy XNSPY:

  1. 5-minute installation.
  2. Easy and affordable.
  3. Many useful and powerful features.
  4. XNSPY Dashboard app.
  5. Compatible with all Android and iOS devices.
  6. NoJailbreak version available for iOS (compatible with iOS 9.2).
  7. No rooting required for Android devices (except for a few features).
  8. Remote control access.

XNSPY is a great SMS spy app, but it needs some upgrade to its block and censor feature. The Remote Control feature is handy but not a clear substitute to selective filtering. But no doubt, the app is worth getting for your kids’ and employees’ smartphones and tablets.