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Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : Chat Application
Negatives :

Social media life remains to be a colossal bit of people’s lives every day. Exactly when you have a need to contact a particular group, the social media becomes a key source of passing information. You can get to know what people across the world are up to and share your interests on any particular event. Yooul is a mobile based application that is useful in having any communication through chat rooms. It enables a portal where language is no barrier to the people chatting.

Generally to the world’s populace, social media has a reputation for being a time sink owing to how much time people typically spend on it. Regardless, in the business world, it gives the direct nature among customers and brands. If you wish to perceive what a particular brand is doing or how well it is getting along and what consumers complain about it, you can take a go at it all in the open. Social discourses are a mind boggling way for any company that prompt people to unite for any social causes like an unnatural climate change or other such purposes. It moreover urges you to have a command over your opponents and research their place in the market.

How the application capacities:

Download and install the ‘Yooul’ application on to your smart devices. Yooul is an online platform where you can talk boundlessly with no impediment to language. When you type something in your native language to another person around the globe who is unaware of your language, the application changes over your conversation into the receiver’s language.

This enables people from across the world to come together in one platform and express their opinion, irrespective of any barriers to language.

Features of the application:

  • Language conversion
  • Chat rooms

Compatible with:

Android and iOS.