Youtube Video Search- Squrl: A Revolutionary App for Video search

by Dec 16, 20120 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Squrl LLC
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


Squrl video search is for those who are too lazy to read up text on websites and do not know which sites to browse. This video aggregator app pulls together content from various sites under different categories. You do not even need credentials to use this iOS app. All you have to do is to set up a Squrl account for free. This app is compatible on the iPad, iPod Touch as well as the iPhone and works equally well on either of these devices.

Once you have created an account, you do not have to take the pain of exploring the app. Simply because there is an extremely helpful tutorial that will guide you as a beginner. There are many channels for you to browse through and you can add the ones you like to your favorites. Each of the many numerous categories has a huge range of content for you to choose from. When you generally think of videos, the first site that will pop up in most heads is Youtube. Little do they know that there are many other websites that have really great videos. Squrl will get you to those and acquaint you with the latest and hottest channels of the time.

Working with this app is very easy too. This is on account that it makes use of the iOS gestures like tapping to avail more options including sharing and liking and pinch-pulling to expand a given clip to full screen. The user interface is simple splendid and excellent. The app is integrated with the famous top social networks like Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and Facebook. With the help of Bookmarklet, you can even add videos to your Squrl queue right from the browser window.

The Squrl Video Search app is free. A small problem that you might face is with the labeling of the buttons. Some of the buttons are not labeled and the ones that are can be slightly confusing at times. However, once you get a hang of them, they are not that much of an issue. This app also supports VoiceOver, which can read the elements of most pages for you.

Video searching till date was limited to YouTube mainly. But Squrl is here to revolutionize that. It ushers in a new way of searching videos online, one that is more efficient and enjoyable. The user interface, although great, could have been made more simplified and the buttons labeled better.

Lately, Squrl has also released a new collection of live video streaming options that one can watch along with their favorite videos. They have been brought in through a tab labeled ‘Live’ on its main menu, which allows you to access PressTV, Huffington Post Live, This Week and many more sites easily. It is being developed to cover breaking news and the latest events in both tech and news. Squrl allows you to access live TV and watch your favorite channels from a variety of categories. There is a recommendation engine that takes into account what you have liked thus far and recommends videos for you to watch next.

To sum it up, Squrl is a wonderful app that is changing the world of video searching. It is very efficient and easy to use and has a long way to go.

Good: Integration with live TV, news, many websites and social networks

Bad: Labeling of buttons has not been done well.

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