Yummy Burger Top Fun Kids Game – Your Order is Ready Sir !

by Oct 8, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : GiantMonster
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


The app we are going to discuss today belongs to the foodies. If you are one of those hamburger-lovers who are always in search of some new spices to add to their taste, then this game is for you. But you are on the opposite side of the road this time. You must have visited restaurants like McDonalds and appreciated their food and service. The deal is same in this case as well but rather than eating those tasty burgers, you are making the tasty fast food for the customers who visit your restaurant.

The game is a time-management task. You are given some orders of burgers with different ingredients. You have to pick up the right ingredients in the right order and place them over each other to complete the burger. But remember, you are given a limited amount of time to complete the job. The ingredients keep on adding up more and more as you advance further. For example, in early stages, you’ll be having only 4-5 ingredients like bacon, fries, etc. Then, cheese is added and so on.

The game has four modes: Stand, Restaurant, Time trial and Endurance. Also, there are three levels of play: Classic, Kid and Mania; though the last two are available as in-app purchases. The app is addictive and age doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying it. Graphics are vibrant and the whole atmosphere is so colorful that it fills the heart with joy. The game is exciting, especially when your customers are waiting for their orders.

The game is available for free in the Play Store and has been doing very well across the market. But there are a few remedies that are very serious and weren’t expected on such a level. It is a game for kids as mentioned all around and is clear from the game play as well, but still the in-app purchases, whether it is the full game unlock value or buying individual levels, the prices are so high that it can be dangerous to handle such controls in hands of your child. You won’t believe that the full game value for the game is $70 and that for individual levels is as high as $20. Adding, the game permission requires your phone and serial number, which is not at all justified in case of kids.

Overall, if we just concentrate on the game play and concept leaving all the remedies behind, the game is a lot of fun. You’ll just love it and even adults will find it addictive. But the high-end in-app purchases make it difficult to trust the developers. At least there should be a limit on the app value. It is like giving first chocolate for free to a child and then covering the loss by selling the complete packet at a higher rate.

Pros: addictive gameplay, free, vibrant graphics and colorful display.

Cons: very costly in-app purchases, unnecessary permissions.

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