Yutongo : Mix Your Thoughts and Get an Idea

by Jan 27, 20140 comments

Genre : Internet
Platform : Web
Developer : youtongo
Rating : 4
Positives : calculative approach to the problem; pay small amounts and get paid
Negatives : none


If Bruce Wills had five hands instead of two, then it would have been easier for him to fight against villains in Die Hard, right? It’s a simple observation that if you have more workers digging a hole, then it will be completed sooner. But this doesn’t apply on physical chores only. If you have more brains working on the same problem, the solution is expected to be found earlier. Brainstorming is a problem which can take unlimited time to be solved or you may get an idea within minutes. You never know what the right time is. But if you divide the problem into number of sub-problems and put a mind to work on each sub-problem, then there are more chances of getting the job done in a better time frame. That’s what Yutongo has done and they already have many appraisers. If I’m one of them or not, you’ll have to find out!

Yutongo is a web based application circling around the concept of collaborative brainstorming. Though the idea is good, you have to execute it in the right direction as well and I think the approach of Yutongo is just perfect. When you’re collaborating with someone else mentally on another side of globe, there is no bounding thread connecting the two thoughts. There needs to be a box where you can put your thoughts and share with others and let others see your vision. So if you have a problem and you’re seeking others’ help, you need to put the question in the right manner first. This is how it works in Yutongo.

First you put your main problem and then break it down in many sub problems. These sub problems are designed in such a way that they cater to different parts of the same problem. For example, if you want to buy a car, then you can put different questions like cars under $50000, cars with more mileage, cars with high power, etc. Then you can filter the results and choose the best one meeting most of your requirements. This is the same procedure followed on Yutongo. You put a question; get different ideas (from your team members or other community members) which are called fragments and then filter them up with the help to create an idea that suits you most.

If someone is helping you by taking out some time, then it’s better if you pay him a small amount as well. This will encourage more users to answer to your problem and you can earn the same amount by attending others’ problems. When drafting problems, make sure that they are easy to answer and don’t require a lot of time investment. Otherwise, the users will leave it in the middle.

There is a free membership of Yutongo available but there are many limitations to that. With a $49/month subscription, you can post unlimited questions, participate in others’ challenges and also get your own sub-domain. So it’s a worthy investment!

Pros: calculative approach to the problem; pay small amounts and get paid; free subscription available.

Cons: none.

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