Zeroed Out : Game, Entertains You !

by May 23, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Seema Datar
Rating : 5
Positives : challenging, fun, UI
Negatives : None

Zeroed Out is a game that relies on logic and strategy and practice to move a red tile from the start position to the end position.

The player is presented with a six-by-six, or five-by-five square grid. The individual grids contain random numbers. At the bottom left hand corner is the starting grid, and at the top right corner is the ending grid.


The player navigates the red tile through the other tiles by moving the tile onto an adjacent tile, thereby trading places with that tile. The grid that the red tile just left assumes the value of the tile that it is currently occupying.The value of eachtile surrounding that grid is reduced by one. When any of the tiles are reduced to zero, the game is Zeroed Out, and the player loses.


The player can only move the tile vertically or horizontally, diagonal moves are not allowed. And each move has to be made within a specific time allowance. This time allowance can be changed to make the game more or less challenging.

In order to get higher scores, the player needs to successfully navigate the grids and make the least amount of moves in the shortest amount of time. This is where practice and experience in playing the game will make a difference.

The game comes with sounds effects, and a leaderboard. It also has two hundred games in each of the five-by-five or six-by-six grids.


This is a brand new game that was just released in May of 2015, and is supported by iPhones four, five and six and all iPads models.

The game is sort of a mash-up of Go’ and Battleship’, if they were combined and played on a Sudoku grid.

The game is somewhat addictive, as the more it is played, the more of an understanding of the game is revealed to the player until the player begins to develop a strategy to playing,begins to play faster using less moves, and then begins to increase their score. Correct and incorrect moves start to become obvious to the players with growing experience in playing the game, and the time spent chasing wrong paths through the grids become less and less, until the player is actually able to develop some speed in playing. The ability to look at the values of the surrounding tiles of the tile your about to occupy seems to be the key to success. If you can develop speed at this you will succeed in playing Zeroed Out.

This is the first version of the game that I’ve ever seen. A nice feature to have in future versions might be to number the 200 individual games in each grid configuration so that you could hold competitions between friends to achieve the highest score for any given game.

Overall, this is a well thought-out game of skill that provides good entertainment. It has good graphics and sound effects, and it’s easy to understand the operation of the game.

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