Zeus the Thunderer iPhone App Review

by Mar 6, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Apps Genie Limited
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, Fun
Negatives : none

If you like casino games, Zeus the Thunderer is the app to download to your iPhone and have fun. The app contains Slots Zeus’s: slot machines where you can play a game and unlock different themes there in. The app is compatible with iPhone and requires iOS 7.1 or late, it is build using HD graphics which makes it stunning and more unique. The game is free, at the start you are given free coins, with this you can unlock the theme and place different bets. After placing a bet, you choose the number of lines to play with and finally spin.


The app contains the following features;-

  • Themes – the app contains different themes which are unlocked using coins, the number of coins required to unlock the themes depending on the level, and one can buy coins when short of it. Different themes allow you to play different games available and also experience diverse casino games with your iPhone.
  • HD graphics – the app contains stunning HD photos and graphics which make the game livelier. There are movements of glowing objects as you play the game, and this makes the app look awesome and dope.
  • Free starting credit – when you are starting the game, 1000 coins is given for free, with these, you can unlock the theme and play the game.
  • Leader board –after playing the game one is classified according to the performance. The leader board shows the best performance, and one can share the results in social networks.
  • Buy section- in this section, you can buy coins when you have few coins to unlock or play the game.
  • Lines section- this is where you select the number of lines you want to use, in this section you can increase or reduce the number of lines depending on how you want to play.


  • Bet section – in this section the size of bet is shown depending on lines and stake you have used. Under this section, you can also increase or reduce the size of your bet.
  • Total bet section – this shows you the total number of bets depending on the lines and bets you have selected. Under this, there is a pay table section.
  • Win section – in this section your show the amounts of coins you have won depending on your stake and number of lines you have used.
  • Spin section- after selecting the bets and lines, you can spin at this section to see your possible win.


  • The game is easy to play as a clear format to follow clearly indicated and no tedious information required.
  • The game is free, and no charges are required for you to play. Unlike most casino games, no cash or subscriptions are required.
  • The game is made of stunning graphics which makes it look good and lively.



  • Lines and bets are not clearly stipulated.
  • No option to share results with different social networks.


In conclusion, Zeus the Thunderer is one of the best casino games to play as it contains various slots and themes you can unlock. The game is reliable, and one can play it offline for free.

Worth Having App – Download the App