Zombie Jombie – Unleashes the Power of Brain Eater Games

by Apr 26, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPhone
Developer : GREE Inc
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :

Zombie Jombie is an online game designed for all IOS devices. This game is developed by a Japanese Social Networking Service called GREE Inc. GREE released this game in the US market for free and it has become a huge hit. Zombie Jombie is a card-based game which allows users to play freely over the internet. The main theme of this game fights for defending the world from the living evil human being with the help of powerful dead Zombies. This game delivers a quote to the world that “Even the brain eating zombies are far better than the living evil humans”. This crazy game gives life to the world of card games and empowers the competition between the game developers.

Zombie Jombie can be a bit tricky game for beginners to understand the complexity of the menus but it’s in game tutorial will guide you to the right entertainment. Every player will have a Zombie Jombie code, using which you can make friends around the world. Being a beginner you have to first create a deck of Zombies to battle with you friends. In order to create you deck first you need to complete a quest which will give allow you to gain new skill points, you might get chance to find a new Zombie card and you can earn more game coins. As soon as you complete a mission you will get rewarded.

Every Zombie card will have its own special powers with which you can attack your friends. You can even create a super Zombie by fusing various Zombie cards which will collate the power of all Zombies and give you a super power.

You can trade your Zombies to your friends and you can even team up and participate in epic boss battles. Even you can sneak attack your friends when they are offline. On the whole concept of the game is good and it has attracted much audience and it has become a major hit in USA. This game works perfectly on IOS 4.3 and above and its compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch and iPad. Though this game is free you may need to splash some money in the in-app store if you really need to experience the real essence of game. The only disadvantage with this game is you need to be connected over internet all the time which will consume lot of data exchange.

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