Zombie Sweeper IOS Game Review

by Feb 8, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Arc Game Studio
Rating : 4
Positives : Graphics, UI, fun
Negatives : none

Soon to come, Zombie Sweeper is a new puzzle-action game developed by one-man developer Arc Game Studio. Zombie Sweeper for IOs looks to be interesting romp promising mixture of mine sweeping puzzles and zombie action through the realm of the undead. There is a decently deep story, plenty of levels for long-time play and quite a few different enemy types. In addition, it can also be played without Wifi, enabling the user to slay hordes of a zombie on the go. Zombie Sweeper seems to be a nice stress reliever and laid back in puzzle elements so the user can play at their own pace. The Zombie sweeper looks to be released in the midst of 2017 however, no official release date has been announced.


Zombie Sweeper’s story revolves around Kent who is a subject of bio-weapon experiment. When Kent breaks free, his actions resulted in causing a zombie outbreak. The military goes into overdrive, creating a new tasks force called the Undead Special Task Force (UTSF). The user plays as USTF’s commanding office and the future of the world and whole mankind lies on his/her shoulders. The story sounds interesting and is told like a movie so the users can expect some crazy action scenes and interesting dialogues.

The gameplay of Zombie Sweeper seems to be mixture Mine Sweeper and candy crush saga adding an element of pure zombie destruction with more than 250 stages to play through. Those who are in search of undead enemies to kill will be relieved to know that there are more than 40 different types of zombies to slay. In addition, there are 9 different bosses to face. The game is laid back and developed keeping the time of the players in mind. A user can play at his/her own pace and the game should be good for pick-up and play as well as long play sessions


What makes Zombie Sweeper truly unique is its multiplayer mode, where users can compete and rank with friends in the competitive environment. Although the developer has not provided many details about this mode, but it looks to be promising as it is the most impressive aspect of the game. The users will be able to face off against foes and friends from different places, climbing ranks to see who the best zombie sweeper is. While till now, it is not clear whether multiplayer will be simultaneous experience and leaderboard battle it is hoped that the game will provide simultaneous experience as it is more interesting than leaderboard battling.

The Zombie Sweeper will also include achievement unlocks for rewarding the player for their efforts. Additional side objectives are also expected to be a part of the Zombie Sweeper to avail maximum likeness from the players. The Zombie Sweeper promises a lot to the user, as the spokesperson for Zombie Sweeper states, “This exciting new game is easy to start, but hard to put down, allowing gamers to hone in on their skills and achieve success. Zombie Sweeper was created with adventurous gamers in mind, providing challenging missions that increase in difficulty”.

The zombie-featuring seem to always grab the attention of the users with plenty of games, movies and television shows experiencing great success in the recent years. The Zombie Sweeper holds high expectations for the users and these will answered when the game releases soon.