Zone Diet – Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

by Feb 15, 20160 comments

Platform : iPhone
Developer : Apps Genie Limited
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, large menu list
Negatives : none

I don’t quite know what I was expecting when I had a look at the Zone Diet App. But, looking at the picture on the app advertisement (Who wouldn’t want a firm but voluptuous derriere like the one the model sport’s on the App ad?) I thought…Yup that’s what I want, firm buttocks and thigh’s a flat stomach and all at the ease of an app.


Like most of the population I have tried most diet plans, pills potion’s and lotions…all in the name of losing weight and firming up…some work, some work for a while but it’s easy to slip back into bad habits or think. “Hey! I did it…bring on the chocolate cake or Pizza” And, that is where most of us fall down.


The Zone diet app is easy to down load from Apple ITunes and is affordable at 2.99(there’s a sale on at the moment) It contains lots of advice and works on the basic principle of 40% Carb’s, 30% Protein and 30% Fat. That’s healthy fats like fatty fish and olive oil. The plan works by your body taking in just the right amount to boost metabolism, burn stored fat whilst maintaining your body’s natural insulin levels.

Basically all this means is you avoid a food and therefore sugar rush as Carbs, fats and proteins are turned into sugar when digested, anyone who has been on a restricted calorie diet will understand this…it’s the dizzy hit you get when you lift those restrictions.


This is low calorie diet but that doesn’t mean a starvation diet. The meals are broken down to five very small meals a day and each meal has to follow the 40, 30, 30 principle. This is time consuming as each portion of carbs, fats and proteins has to be carefully calculated for each and every meal.

The rule of thumb for this diet is that the protein like chicken or fish should be in a portion size that is equal to your palm; the carbs are fruits, veg’s and beans. Although you can have very small pieces of bread (think crouton) I found this confusing as I didn’t realise an apple was a carbohydrate, but hey we live and learn.

The diet recommends that you buy Omega 3 substitutes which are expensive, as well as visiting your GP beforehand as the vitamins and minerals are quite limited.

Any exercise is good exercise in this diet, walking, and running, visiting the gym or good old fashioned sex.

The Verdict

The information was great; all the principles of weight loss are your fingertips any time day or night on your phone or IPad. You definitely need to make full use of the special feature, Formula Zone. This helps you plan all of your meals and source recipes, best thing about this feature is that most of the information is submitted by other dieters. There are menus for meat eaters and vegetarians, help and advice to stick to your guns and how to shop as well as menu plan. You can keep track of your progress and get motivated, overall a good diet app. But, I did find it overall faddy and expensive especially if you bought the recommended substitutes.

Worth Having App – Download the App