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Platform : Android
Developer : Mdunge
Rating : 4
Positives : Language Translator
Negatives :

In our globalized world, where transportation is richly encouraged, learning another and unknown dialect is incredibly valuable. Securing a subsequent language is incredibly valuable. Particularly learning the language of a remote location will give incredible numerous benefits. It likewise encourages you in building up the psychological capacities of your body at every age.

On the off chance that you are anticipating going to Africa out travelling or a lifelong career possibility, learning the language of Zulu would be an additional advantage. You will be entranced by the Zulu language and its way of life. Take some time from your every day schedule and become familiar with the difficult expressions of the Zulu language. The versatile application called ‘Zulu Reader: ZULU LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR’ is an incredible method to gain proficiency with this excellent language. Learn Zulu language with its words individually with the syllables, pronunciations and utilization right now. Look at this astounding application right now.

The ‘Zulu Reader: ZULU LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR’ is an extraordinary method to play intriguing quiz games. Enjoy a reprieve from the typical dull quizzes you play and test yourself on your insight into the Zulu culture and become a piece of this unbelievable clan.

Developed by:

This app was developed by the Mdunge firm for free in the Education sector.

How the app works:

  • Download and install the app on your mobile or other devices
  • Know the translation of the Zulu language to any other language
  • Take quizzes every day and improve your scores as you learn the language
  • Learn the syllables and the Zulu language

Features of the app:

  • Easy and simple UI/UX
  • See the Zulu language translations for the phrases and words
  • Listen to the language pronunciations
  • Learn a new and different language easily

Compatible with: