February 6, 2020

2019’s Most Loved Quick Play Android Apps

Fit a bit of fun into your lunch break with these quick to play games

The modern world moves fast; whether you’re grabbing a minute to play an app
on your lunch break, stopping and starting a game on your morning commute, or
you’ve stolen a moment before bedtime to play, often speed is key when it comes
to modern gaming. If you find yourself frustrated at closing an app mid-play or
having to constantly pause, restart and pause again, then get ready for a life
changer. These quick to play apps will cure your boredom in those spare minutes
and never require you to leave mid-game again.

Zoom Poker

Poker is a devilishly complex thing and this naturally means that games can
take quite a while to come to a conclusion, which can be frustrating if you
have to leave before your game finishes. For those players seeking fast-paced
strategy games, there is an Android app provided by PokerStars that really
speeds things up. Zoom Poker makes it possible for players to skip through the
boring bits quickly by using clever
new features
such as ‘fast fold’. This allows players to ditch their poor
hand at any point and begin a new game without having to wait until the end.
For the move ponderer there’s no enormous benefit to this game over PokerStar’s
other offerings, but for the impatient, this game is, well, a game-changer.

Seemile Korean

Seemile makes lots of great apps, but their Korean language learning app is one of their best. It always feels great being able to use every minute of your day productively and Seemile Korean allows this. Sessions can be as short or long as you want, as you’re able to click back and forth between sections, learning at your own speed. The sections each begin with a full sentence, which is broken down into individual words which you can read over, learn and pronounce, before building them back up into a sentence again, where you can learn the finer points of the language, like inflection. The learning is intuitive, with cute animations and videos to help you understand and remember your new language.

Saily Seas

Explore a moody seascape in Saily Seas.

This app is one for the adventurers and the dreamers. Set in a genuinely
beautiful landscape, Saily
allows you to travel for as long (or as short) a time as you’d like.
This is the perfect kind of game for commuters, as you can drop back in for a
few more knots between bus stops, or settle in for a half an hour train journey
– across the seas, of course. The game is an endless runner, so the potential
for exploration is limitless. You can sail, glide and dive through magical
seas, filled with mysterious creatures and dark caverns. The graphics and
dreamlike soundtrack are the main selling points of this game; everything has
been designed with an artist’s eye. For those who prefer a little competition,
there is, of course, a leader board of people competing to sail the longest
distance in the world, but for most this game is about total escapism in a
magical, dreamy sea.

Crossy Road

If you’ve not heard of Crossy Road then where have you been hiding? This
game is our generation’s answer to Frogger and it’s just as quirky, just as fun
and just as quick to pick up and drop. The aim of the game is to get your
chicken across as many roads (and streams) as possible without being hit by a
car. The concept is wonderfully simple and the controls are equally so. Whilst
reading about it doesn’t seem the most exciting, you’ll be quick to understand
what makes this game so un-put-down-able once you download it. There are in-app
purchases, but these can be unlocked through gameplay if you take your time.
New characters, multiplayer modes, league tables, and other clever features
make Crossy Road endlessly playable, without removing the main appeal of the
game – its perfect simplicity.

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