We know that pool is not a new style of game. The users have played it for many years and it’s a familiar activity at several recreational places. However, digital pool has only been around for a couple of decades or so. The genre has evolved popular from its days and there are a bunch of digital pool games now and mobile versions aren’t so bad. Among several other pool games 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool app developed by Sina Inc stand out to be best.

It is widely reported that 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool is one of the most often played pool games in mobile phones. They are decent pool game with decent mechanics and professionally several game types like 8-ball.

Important Features of 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool

  • Playing options with Friends
  • Feature of Switch Player
  • Options of Practise
  • Excellent graphics

While in practise session you can see if you’re improving or getting worse with them. Generally today we cannot imagine our life without a phone, and particularly without the Internet. Thanks to these quality innovations, we can find any game details and play. But most specifically, a worldwide network helps us to escape from everyday worries.

Are you a fan of 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool?

Do you like to play pool and shoot down the balls, but you do not have enough time? Then take your phone, go to the Internet and check this 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool app developed by Sina Inc.


Have you ever wanted to enjoy with friends around the world by playing pool? Do you want to take a leading position? In this game you are given the golden opportunity to prove that you are better than your friends and with others. Download this game and you will not regret. Attractive graphics and cool concepts are waiting for you.