Rocket Socials was created by two partners, a marketing expert and an elite developer, who collaborated to solve the problem of managing multiple social networks from one location and with the implementation of AI analysis, delivering in-depth analytics to the user all in one place. The goal of developing this platform is to provide low-cost marketing tools to marketers and marketing agencies.

Centralized Dashboard

Everything is explained on the dashboard. Get insight into all of your social networks’ posts, scheduled posts, team members, and billing cycle in one place. Regular updates are now just a click away.

Publish Anywhere

Rocket Socials allows you to post content in one click to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, YouTube, TikTok, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Blogger.

Schedule Your Posts

Schedule your content automatically and review posts in a simple calendar view. Save time by scheduling posts across all of your social networks in a matter of seconds.

Manage Engagement with Customers at Scale

Avoid missing any messages on your Facebook page by using the automation feature to automatically respond to all messages from your audience. Increase your conversion ratio by engaging with your customers. Our chatbot enables you to automate responses to user comments on your posts.

Get Deep Insight and Analytics

  • Socialitics tool uses AI to drive your social network information.
  • Investigate the posts you’ve made on your social media accounts.
  • Get an overview of your page’s history and total engagements.

Take Advantage of the Advantages of Advanced Advertising Campaigns

In just one click, you can boost your organic posts on paid campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Ads Interest is an additional tool that will assist you in analysing the right audience before planning your paid campaigns.

Customise the Look of Your Social Media Accounts

  • Configure your social network dashboard to display multiple accounts on a single screen.
  • On your personalised dashboard, you can get custom notification sounds for your various social networks.
  • Respond to multiple social media accounts from a single location.

Final Words

Rocket Socials is a simple and effective social media management platform. It saves time and increases efficiency by allowing you to manage all of your social networks from a single location.