Because every organization is moving its customer data to the cloud, obtaining Salesforce certification will increase your chances of landing an excellent job in the cloud market and provide you with in-depth knowledge of cloud computing and customer relations.

There are numerous methods for learning Salesforce and preparing for a Salesforce job or certification. Enrolling in Bootcamp or crash courses is one of the most innovative ways to learn Salesforce and become industry-ready without wasting time.

The saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp is designed to focus on industry-relevant skills and prepare candidates for placement. The Bootcamp aims to teach technical skills, resume building, LinkedIn learning, and other soft and communication skills. Users will have the opportunity to learn from accomplished Salesforce professionals and industry professionals and receive personal guidance and mentoring.

Individuals will learn Salesforce skills and have the opportunity to work on their own showcase projects. The Bootcamp will provide interview preparation through mock interviews to ensure that you are fully prepared to enter the Salesforce ecosystem. In as little as eight weeks, you can learn Salesforce and be job-ready.

By using Saasguru training programs and live webinars, you’ll be able to keep your learning fresh and stimulating. Saasguru has assisted many people in growing their careers and personal lives. They have empowered and transformed the lives of more than 40,000 people in 25+ countries.

Explore Saasguru Programs

Salesforce Certification Courses

The saasguru learning app provides prep courses for all significant Salesforce certifications, including Salesforce Admin, Platform Developer, App Builder, Sales/Service/Experience Cloud Consultant, and others, to assist you in preparing for and passing the certification exams on your first try. Gain knowledge of how to do clever work with our AI-powered assessment and recommendation engine, and revise topics with our bite-sized content ‘Flashcards’ and gamified learning choices.

ServiceNow Certification Courses

To prepare for a job, you need to get certified in ServiceNow. This will give you the knowledge to work with ServiceNow software in a real-world scenario. You can also use ServiceNow Mock Exams to practise what you have learned and revise your knowledge with micro topic modules.

AWS Certification Courses                      

With hands-on exercises aligned with practical industry applications, you can get intense cert preparation for AWS certifications such as AWS Cloud Practitioner, Solution Architect Associate, and others. Develop a variety of case studies and projects to make AWS learning more practical.

Saasguru Specialties

Salesforce Job Guarantee Bootcamp

The Salesforce Job Guarantee Bootcamp provides in-depth instructions on how to enter the Salesforce ecosystem. Get the best and most comprehensive certification preparation with guaranteed job assistance.

Join over 100 globally renowned industry professionals and gain access to saasguru’s 30+ employer partners worldwide. Gain knowledge of how to stand out in a job interview, create an enticing LinkedIn profile, and be positioned with an average salary of up to 8 LPA.

Key Features Include:

  • LMS and live classes of the highest calibre
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Slack Community Access saasguru
  • Mentoring on a one-on-one basis
  • Creating a LinkedIn Profile
  • Resume Development
  • Practice Interviews
  • Access to over 30 employer partners

Training Includes The Following:

  • Project Capstone
  • Salesforce Laboratory
  • Jira and Confluence
  • Personal branding, soft skills, and other topics are covered.

Instructor-led Training

With an Instructor-led Training programme, you can go beyond certification and gain practical experience for the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 and AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications.

Important Characteristics

  • Mentors provide post-session assistance.
  • Create your own showcase Final Projects
  • Salesforce Lab instruction
  • Gain knowledge about tools like Jira, Confluence, and others.

B2B Up-Skilling

Save time and money on training and certifying your workforce for the cloud by up to 70%. Register in our B2B Upskilling course to ensure and upskill your teams.

Key Aspects

  • Customized Programs
  • Dashboards that update in real-time
  • Instructional sessions
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Mock tests and practise tests

Final Thoughts

Saasguru focuses on supporting professionals with cloud software certifications to build excellent careers. Saasguru goal is to bridge the gap between learning and certification to address the cloud skills crisis. Saasguru is working to make a difference beyond education. It intends to establish a community of employers, gurus, and learners who support one another’s success.