Are you looking for a reliable and helpful app to manage your IBS symptoms? Look no further than FODMAP Care: IBS Tracker. Developed by Algorithm electronics, this Health & Fitness app is designed to help you maintain a low FODMAP diet and alleviate symptoms associated with IBS.

Main Features

With FODMAP Care: IBS Tracker, you can easily monitor your diet with a food diary and symptom tracker, check foods for FODMAP content, plan your meals with filters, and cook easily with recipes, portions and cooking instructions. Mealtime reminders and tips about diet help you to stay on track.

Meal Planning

The app allows you to plan individualized diet and meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking. You can swap foods with high FODMAP content for alternates with low FODMAP content to keep your symptoms under control. It helps you to limit consumption of foods with high FODMAP content, with a red smilie for high FODMAP and blue smilie for low FODMAP.

Database of FODMAP Food

If you’re confused about foods with high FODMAP content, you can check food products’ content listing (fructose, fructans, polyols, lactose etc). It comes with a food products database with associated FODMAP content.

Symptoms Diary

Using the symptoms diary, you can find relationships between the food you eat and your symptoms. You can also manage the aches you experience and control your FODMAP reintroduction phase. Gradually return foods with high FODMAP back into your diet and keep track of your symptoms.

Over 1,000 Food Products and 100 Meal Recipes

The app provides a database of foods and meals. Every entry comes with associated FODMAP content. You can try new recipes and personalize your new diet without harming your body. Moreover, you can find cooking directions for every meal formatted as Stories.


Keep track of your earlier bodily reactions with the help of detailed diary. It helps you to manage your diet and find out which food items you may have problems ingesting.


Take care of your body with FODMAP Care: IBS Tracker. This app is designed to help you maintain a low FODMAP diet and alleviate symptoms associated with IBS. With features like Meal Planning, Database of FODMAP Food, Symptoms Diary, Over 1,000 Food Products and 100 Meal Recipes, and Statistics, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to manage their IBS symptoms.

FODMAP Care: IBS Tracker