5K Run- A Genuine Shortcut to Fitness

by Nov 8, 20150 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Fitness22
Rating : 4
Positives : time-efficient; effective
Negatives : none

Everybody wants to get in shape in the shortest possible time because we don’t realize that we are overweight until and unless an important public event suddenly appears in our calendar. Suppose it’s the wedding of one of your friends. Now everybody would be well-dressed in such an event and if you’re one of his best friends, many eyes will notice you as well. The marriage is only after 2-months and you’re already lagging behind your schedule if you want to be in shape by that time. But here we have a plan that’s actually effective and after 2-months, you’re sure to lose weight as well as gain a body that most of the people aspire to have. So let’s check out the plan.


I’m talking about the Android app called 5K Run that has been developed by Fitness 22. The developers already have many more fitness related apps out in the market and this is another addition to it. But this one’s meant to help you achieve the optimum level of fitness in just 2-months or if I go by the actual time-duration of the workout, you spend only 12 hours in total. Sounds unbelievable, right? But as I said, they have a plan!


So in 5K Run, you have to run & walk continuously for half hour a day, every 3 days a week. You have to follow this schedule for 8 weeks in total and then you’re done. The pattern for running and walking each day will be different. You’ll start with 15 minutes of running + walking initially which will gradually increase to 25 minutes later. So even if you’re a beginner who isn’t familiar with the concept of running at all, you’d not be surprised or left breathless on your first day. You’ll progress slowly and steadily but the results would be really effective. And the program is asking you for only half hour per 2 days which is really manageable even if you have a very busy schedule. That’s why this app is appropriate for everybody.


The layout of the app is very simple, neat and user friendly. You start from Day 1 and proceed further. The pattern of each day is shown and you’re also guided with the in-app voice assistance. So you’ll properly be guided on when to walk, when to run and when to stop for rest. For inspiration, there are some in-app quotes. But if music inspires you, you can tune in to your music player and for that you don’t have to leave the app; it’s available in the app itself. You can change tracks as well. Moreover, there’s an active community of people like you who share their experience. It’s a great place to share your difficulties and it is sure to inspire you. So become a member and join that blog.

As you continue your fitness schedule, there are many badges that you can earn. Moreover, in the history logs, you can check out your past performance along with the calories burned each day. The distance you covered along with the traced path is also shown in the history log. Also, you’re doing all this for yourself and also to flaunt your beautiful body, right? So don’t shy away from sharing your progress with your friends.

So overall, I’d say that 5K Run is a very effective fitness app for everybody out there. They have many more fitness apps for abs, weight loss, etc that you can combine with this plan. The app is available for free in the Play Store. So do check it out today!

Pros: time-efficient; effective; voice assistance; user-friendly UI; in-app music player; track your performance; win and earn badges; share progress with friends; free.

Cons: none.

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