7 Minutes Pro – Daily Workouts! – Time Saving Fitness App

by Dec 18, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, time saver, UI
Negatives : none

Do you know that you can work out your entire body in just 7 minutes, burn enough calories and achieve your fitness goals? The science behind 7 minutes is not only possible but also the best. Remember too much of something is not good this is why putting too much stress on your body in the name of a workout can be harmful.which is why working out then getting a great tasting protein shake won’t be enough. Just exercising for 7 minutes twice or once a day can be your turning point especially if you want to derive maximum benefits. To achieve your goals, you should stay motivated and unlock your maximum potential with 7 minutes pro. More so, if you upgrade you can also access daily motivations. What are some of its features?


7 Minutes Pro- iphone app features

  • Daily motivation. 7 Minutes Pro- iPhone app will ensure that you stay motivated during the 7 minutes exercise. In fact, you can even turn your smartphone into your personal gym friend.
  • Achievements. This app also ensures that your weight loss goals are achievable within the 7 minutes.
  • With 7 Minutes Pro- iPhone app, you can customize your season by editing the number of rest time exercise and cycles.
  • You can control the video player directly using an apple watch as you exercise
  • It also has a weight tracker that you can use to track your weight loss every day. More so, it has easy to use chat where you can see your progress and remain motivated
  • You will learn very good fitness tips from experts so that you can live a healthy life.
  • Whether you are working out your upper body, lower body, arms or abs it is important to learn every aspect including seeing how your muscle groups are being exercised. You can choose how you want to do it whether starting by reading a tutorial or follow along with the video loop.
  • The app has extensive video tutorials to ensure that you are doing the exercise safely and correctly. You can also easily play and pause.
  • As you exercise, there are exercise videos. This will let you know how long the workout will take
  • It also keeps track of unblocked achievements and your training season as well.


Extra features

  • This app does not need an access to the internet. You can work out anytime anywhere.
  • You can play your favorite songs from the background
  • You can connect your workouts with burning of calories.
  • It has been beautifully designed for apple watch, iPhone and iPad.


7 Minutes Pro- iphone app also works much better for runners. If you exercise a lot using it you will work out lots of muscles. In fact, you can feel the difference within a day. It also has clear instructions that will keep you going although the time committed for the workout is limited you will feel a million times better after using it. This app has everything you need to stay motivated, get started and keep coming back for those 7 minutes each day. Since all it takes is 7 minutes you should change the way you think about your daily exercise routine.

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