A Comprehensive Review Of Audials Radio Player Recorder

by Apr 27, 20160 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, quality
Negatives : none

What is Audials Radio? 

Audials Radio is, in fact, a pretty straightforward radio application. Its catalog consists of more than 90,000 radio stations from a large number of nations all over the world. Included is music radio from a lot of genres, talk radio, and all your old favorites from the AM and FM days.


How does it function? 

Audials Radio is extremely simple to use. You can just open the application and get started in case you wish to, though you have the choice to create an account also.

Once you are in the app, all you need to do is search all the different channels and choose the one you would like to listen to. You may also look for radio stations making use of keywords. If you wish, you may also add channels if the application does not have your chosen one. Next, you will wait for a couple of seconds for the pre-buffer and after that, it’ll begin to stream the audio.

The peripheral functions are where things actually get exciting. There exists a feature known as Zap which takes a look at exactly what you are listening to and then recommends radio stations which play similar kinds of sound. Simply hit the Zap button and you will be linked to a different radio station.


It also features an alarm clock as well as a sleep timer. Both of these are quite simple to set up. Simply set a timer and the alarm is going to go off with whatever station you wish. Do remember that you will need to actually listen to the station before you will be able to set an alarm. As for the sleep timer simply set a time restriction and the application will go on running till the restriction runs out.

Also embedded in this particular application is a light as well as dark theme switcher and the app features both AirPlay as well as Chromecast support.

The Pros 

1. The user interface appears a bit messy initially but when you make your way around, it’s in fact super easy to work with.

2. It is possible to record virtually any radio station and also utilize the Zap feature.

3. The sleep timers and alarm clock both work nicely and are simple to use.

4. The Zap function is really fun to use. If the radio station hits an advertisement you may easily Zap over to a different one which plays the similar kind of stuff that is not playing an ad.


The Cons 

1. The equalizer definitely works, however, it is merely a 5-band that somewhat restricts the modifications you can make.

2. The style is truly nice and we all appreciated the front page’s tile set-up; however, we would have loved to observe a bit more information on the front page. It appears great in the landscape mode although the portrait mode is a bit empty.

Final Verdict

In general, Audials Radio is an extremely solid as well as capable radio application. It sets up its content quite well considering the number of radio stations it facilitates and this makes it easy to add even more. The peripheral attributes such as the equalizer, alarm clock, sleep timer, and the Zap feature really make the application feel full featured. The downsides are only a few and Audials Radio is definitely a solid radio experience and among the better ways to appreciate AM as well as FM radio in this digital era.

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