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Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs: App Review

Playing the guitar is one of the skills that many of us want to learn and develop. The ability to play any song on the strings of a guitar is an entertaining and interesting skill to have. I wanted to learn but didn’t have access to a professional tutor.

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Why do we listen to music? Is it our hobby, passion or a necessity for living? According to the researchers, listening to music is very essential in today’s life. Because today, technology and industry affect our lives in different ways, such as traffic, noise pollution, economic problems, and other stresses of our busy life

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Infinite Music – iPhone App Review

Infinite Music, developed by L&J Productions is a unique and smartly-crafted music player and mixer only available on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. It uses the music stored on the iTunes library/Dropbox/iCloud Drive.

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TSC Music : Quality Hearing with Ear Protection

In the era of rock music, everyone become needy for high volume and quality music. But with high volume our hearing sense can’t be ignored as each person have unique ability to hear. Approximately every 1 out of 10 people are got issues for hearing loss most reason been hazardous loud noise

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A Comprehensive Review Of Audials Radio Player Recorder

Audials Radio is, in fact, a pretty straightforward radio application. Its catalog consists of more than 90,000 radio stations from a large number of nations all over the world. Included is music radio from a lot of genres, talk radio, and all your old favorites from the AM and FM days.

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Jinglay – Create your own Jinglay

Jinglay is currently the new face of the social network, the invention of 2016 and very new in the world of social communication. The technique of using audio (voice music and sound) is not only the conveying message but also entertaining to the users.

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Perfect Piano: Perfecting lessons in music

If you are a novice wishing to learn the piano but do not wish to spend on an actual one, then the Android app Perfect Piano would serve as the perfect alternative. It comes with a piano key simulator, allowing you to explore your skills and knack for the instrument.

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Create Music on the go with Walk Band Toolkit

Musical apps are ruling the play store in the recent times and you got to check out different music composing and playing app if you are a music lover. There is one such music app in the play store which is actually a toolkit for the music lovers for different musical instrument.

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ShareOn Music Player – Share Music and Share Joy

Music lovers can never have enough of their favorite music. Your phone memory limits the capacity of storage of your favorite music because there is lot more to store and whenever you want to listen to your favorite songs, you need to download it from internet or from the computer and then play it.

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