A Comprehensive Review of Fit Weightlifting App

by Mar 22, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Brandon Lehner
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, screens, UI
Negatives : none

Fit is your own weight training logbook and also automatic calculator. It really is the simplest way to monitor your improvement in the course of your training. To commence both, create an exercise with the workouts you need to do, or simply just begin your exercise and add up exercises while you proceed. When you do exercise, insert the weight and also repetitions you perform for each and every exercise. Fit is going to determine the calories you burnt, your one rep max, as well as the entire volume of pounds you moved.


Because everyone’s exercise differs, you are not restricted to pre-defined workouts. It is possible to create any kind of exercise you would like and have it pop-up in your queue on the date you program them. Your training history may be immediately compared to observe your improvement in a number of simple-to-operate graphs.


All your health information will stay on the device. Fit stores the unhealthy calories you lose along with your heart rate (in the event you enter it) in the Health App. Fit will ask for the subsequent permissions from the Health App:

– Active Calories (therefore Fit is able to record and also show calories burnt)

– Biological Sex (to more exactly determine calories burnt by heart rate)

– Date of Birth (to more exactly calculate calories burnt by heart rate)

– Heart Rate (therefore Fit is able to record, show, and more precisely compute calories burned up)

– Height (to more correctly determine calories burnt from a workout)

– Weight (to more exactly compute calories burned up from a training)

Here are a few of Fit’s features in details: 

Active Calorie Burn Estimation 

While you record a workout Fit makes use of the weight you elevated, the number of reps you actually did, your current height as well as weight, along with the rate you execute the exercise to estimate the number of calories you burned up. Additionally, in case you record your heart rate between the workouts Fit is going to use this as well as your age to determine the calories you burnt between sets. A substantial percentage of your unhealthy calories are burnt off as your cardiovascular rate continues to be elevated between the sets.


Today Widgets 

Fit presently possesses a couple of widgets. The initial one known as “Me vs Me” reveals exactly what exercises you have carried out today compared to the ones you actually did last week on the very same day. Consider it as contending against yourself!

The 2nd one is a mild version of the dashboard. It displays the number of workouts you have planned this week compared to the ones you have finished along with the first three of the training objectives.

Workout Rotations 

Some exercises include a week 1 & week 2 program. Fit right now facilitates this by enabling you to activate week rotations. While week rotations are on, it is possible to allocate a rotation number to the exercise which has an agenda. The workouts in that training are only going to appear in your view today on that rotation week.


Working in the direction of a goal 1-rep max on a workout? Monitor the improvement a lot more closely by making a target. It is possible to fix your target weight and also insert it to your dashboard for repeated viewing.

Unit Conversion between Metric and Imperial units 

Do you at any time visit fitness center that makes use of imperial weights someday (lb.) and a different health club that utilizes metric weights on another (kg)? You can actually swap the units the app exhibits your workouts to instantly observe all your earlier workouts in both measurement system.

Find a workout that truly made you sense the burn? Or perhaps you should make sure to keep an eye on your form in a particular way? Entrust yourself a note in Fit which will appear the next time you choose to do the workout.

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