AirShou Screen Recorder for ios Devices

by Apr 9, 20190 comments

Platform : iPhone
Developer : Cydia
Rating : 5
Positives : simple to use, UI
Negatives :

There is no doubt that screen recorders are among the most useful of apps and the iOS app store is full of them. The problem is, none of them offer anything special, even those that you have to pay for and, in the past, jailbreaking was the only way to get a decent app. Not anymore. AirShou, originally a Cydia tweak, has now been made available outside of a jailbreak so anyone can use it.

AirShou is one of the very well known screen recorder apps we have packed with great features that offer users so much more than a standard recording app. It has taken Apple many years to provide iOS users with any kind of screen recording facility and what they have provided bonus bez depozytu is nothing short of mediocre. With AirShou, you get it all; great features, excellent recording and the ability to record whatever you want, form a simple screenshot right up to a full presentation or a how-to video. Plus, it’s free to download and use.

AirShou Features:

 AirShou has more features than any other screen recorder app, including:

  • It is dead simple to download and use
  • It works on all iOS devices
  • A small but compelling app
  • Record anything you want
  • Record in 1080p at up to 60fps
  • Add stereo sound if you want
  • Simple on-screen one-tap controls
  • Loads more features

The Pros of Using  AirShou:

 While all screen recorders offer some benefits, AirShou offers more than most. Not only is it straightforward to use:

  • Being a small app, it doesn’t hog your memory and processor resources, yet it remains one of the most powerful screen recorders ever
  • You can record whatever you want. Where some recorders limit you to single screenshots, AirShou takes thigs further and lets you record anything you want, even complete videos with sound
  • It is incredibly simple to use
  • No need to jailbreak any more so anyone can take advantage of this great free screen recorder app
  • You can customize your videos and share them with your friends

The Cons of Using AirShou: 

To be fair, there are no real downsides to this screen recorder, with the exception that it may not be compatible on all iOS firmware versions and devices; regular updates add more support though so keep checking.

You can’t go wrong with AirShou; it’s a great app and free to use; download it and follow us on Facebook for more app recommendations