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Today the Internet has become an important thing in our life. As one can’t survive without food, similarly we can’t live without Internet. I think most of the population has Internet facility and the rest of the people who don’t have, also use the Internet by any other mode.

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Data Recovery: DIY or Call in the Experts

Loss of data takes place due to errors and not generally due to malicious attacks, though the latter also could be a case. Data can also be lost due to power failures or a malfunctioning of the system or device, accidental deleting, damaged hardware or a software crash, theft of the device and so on.

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Clockodo – Your Time Tracking Solution

Clockodo was created to help professionals to monitor their time spent on a particular task or a project. This app is basically designed for small businesses and freelancers. It helps users to access stylish dashboard that displays work by project and services.

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BoostHQ – Sharing is Caring

So many social networks and so much content that you want to publish and share! Also, there is so little time to do all this. So where can you go? You need a social media for content sharing such as: Email; Facebook; Google Drive; etc.

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Moiety – Easiest Way to Create a Schedule

Planning an event and the type of event you are going to organise can be intimidating and confusing. There can be many reasons for organising an event like attracting more members to your group or creating and enhancing community spirit or for publicity.

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My Alarm Clock App: Fantastic Alarm Clock With Sleep Timer

Ever woken up only to realize that the entire room has been brightened up crisscrossing patterns of light from the sun? Looking at the watch, it shows that time has really lapsed and it is almost getting late for job. One ends up being in a helter-skelter motion in order to catch up with time.

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