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The population of the people who practice yoga is increasing on a steady basis; this is due to the fact that people have realized the importance of Yoga and how it helps an individual to gain both physical and mental strength. Yoga has become a main workout regimen in the day-to-day schedule of many people. On the other hand, there are people who are interested to learn and practice Yoga but are unable to achieve their goals due to work, busy schedules, and other commitments. All – in Yoga can give a helping hand to such individuals. This app has been developed and launched by Arwella Corporation for the iPhone and iPad users. All-in Yoga app is a complete Yoga guide for all people starting from the beginners to the professionals. This app brings Yoga to your living room so that you can learn and practice Yoga at your own pace and convenience.

Features and Benefits

We can find immense amount of information about Yoga in the Internet but it requires a lot of effort to find a complete guide with poses explained. All-in Yoga fills this gap by providing detailed explanations and visuals on more than 300 poses, all of which are clearly organized for the user’s convenience. All – in Yoga app has all essential features to make for a perfect Yoga companion. The app is very easy to operate and understand. Users can directly select poses they wish to try or would like to practice, from the long list of poses or they can also choose from the different pre-made Yoga programs available in the app. There are more than 40 ready-made yoga program routines in the app that have been designed by professional yoga experts. All the poses in the app are described with detailed pictures and audio instructions to rightly guide the users throughout their practice sessions. All – in Yoga presents Yoga in a very easy way so that it can be easily understood and followed by anyone who uses the app.

  • The app has a wide variety of programs suitable for people who practice Yoga; this includes beginners, intermediates, as well as the advanced yoga experts.
  • You can design your own Yoga schedule depending on your speed, flexibility, time availability and strength.
  • The app has amazing graphics and an exclusive design which is simple and attractive at the same time.
  • Most of the yoga poses are explained in a detailed manner; there are also pictures of teachers depicting different Yogic poses. The audio explanation for the poses and the count for the poses help the users to continue their practice in an uninterrupted manner.
  • There are more than 30 breathing exercises with detailed explanations.
  • There are many handy features such as integration with social networks, customizing the user parameters and many more.


All – In Yoga is a perfect companion to practice Yoga. The app has a very easy-to-use interface design. This app is available for download from the App store for just $0.99.

Good – The slide show of the custom workout is a very attractive feature.

Bad – The app can include more features such as sharing other people’s routines for instance, which may help improvise your own routine.

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