AstroSecret- Plan for your pregnancy the right way

by Dec 17, 20140 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Astrosecret Apps
Rating : 4
Positives : Accurate predictions, period tracker
Negatives : none

Conceiving is not just about the right age and the right amount of love but also about the right amount of planning. It is necessary to regulate your menstrual cycle adequately and plan it naturally to fall in place with it. If you require some help with the same, then the Android app AstroSecret is one that you must have. It helps you plan your pregnancy naturally in a unique way by considering the position of the planets at your time and place of birth as well as the position of the planets on the day when you wish to conceive.

The ancient art of astrology is said to be backed up with science by nature. It helps you predict the best suited times for any event that you plan to carry out in the near future by looking at the planetary positions at that time. This app combines astrology with modern science to give you the best of both. It has been verified by professional astrologers as well. As per astrology, not all menstrual cycles are apt for conception or for suitable results for the same.


Luck and fate can also be adequately predicted using astrology. This app will come in handy for those who are unable to conceive with medical help. With the right timing and planetary positions, even the most unlikely event can occur. It is all about doing things at the right time and place.

At present, the app provides a number of features in the free version. It helps you keep tracks of your periods with a stylish yet simple tracker built in the app. Based on the data from the last six months, it can give you a regular ovulation and fertility calendar as well. This ensures that you stay prepared for both the best and the worst. As the app is still in its learning process, it allows you to make changes to your ovulation period as well. The app acts as an excellent reminder app by reminding you off important days. There are notifications for getting pregnant and also for intimacy. In addition to all these, the free version currently comes with a one month subscription of the AstroSecret main functionality.


If you wish to make more of the app and enjoy a greater variety of services, then you could opt for the paid version of the app. This accurately predicts precise AstroSecret days- days which are most favourable for conception. It comes with a yearly calendar with the most favourable days in order to help you plan in advance. The app also predicts the gender of the potential baby with 89% accuracy along with its horoscope.

AstroSecret is a unique one-of-its-kind app that brings together the modern sciences and the ancient sciences for a good cause. It is compatible with all Android devices having Android 2.3.3 and higher. Using this app, you can make the best of fate and astrology to plan well for the home coming of your little angel.

Good: Accurate predictions, period tracker

Bad: None

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