AudioZest 3D Music Player : Sound that Surrounds You

by May 10, 20130 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : Android
Developer : Bit Cauldron
Rating : 4
Positives :
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There is nothing more motivational than music. Whether it’s the greatest hip-hop track ever from 8 Mile “lose yourself” by Eminem or Michael Phelps listening to tracks by Lil Wayne moments before his Olympic titles, music plays a big part in our lives. The shifting trend towards the increasing craze of music lovers can be seen from the attendance of music concerts by big bands like Linking Park, Swedish House Mafia, etc. Nowadays keeping music apart, even the videos are shot at optimum quality and people are demanding for more and more. So you can’t expect someone to be hearing 64 bits songs when there are better available in the market. But quality rises with demands and crystal clear sound is not the end of the world. Now one wants to enjoy the full sound of a speaker with the help of his headphones. It’s a tough task but not impossible as it has already been made possible by Bit Cauldron.

The app in talk here is one of the latest Android apps called AudioZest 3D Music Player that has been developed by Bit Cauldron. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 3.0 or later version. So when I’m saying that it will give provide you the experience of speakers in your headphones, I mean it to be 3D surround sound and hence the title.

It’s normal that when you listen to music in your headphones, after some time your head starts aching. That is why nowadays many phones come with 5.1 channel sound which distributes sound around you and doesn’t pierce through your ears. But this app has some special characteristics to its name. First of all, the sound quality as well as the actual 3D display of sound is experienced. So it not only distributes the sound around you, but also the way you want it. You can place the speakers at any point of a hemisphere around you and over your head. You will actually see the difference between a normal sound and a 3D sound. Second, it is a music player with all the regular functions and features such as music categorized according to different genres such as artists, albums, etc.

I really liked the app because it delivers what it promised. You must have never experienced this kind of sound quality. Then there is an equalizer as well and I really liked its swipe controls; it’s so much easier to use it now. However, you can turn off the 3D sound if you don’t like it; it’s all your choice.

The main gate that is still to be conquered for the developers would be to lower down the high price tag of this app. It is available for $4.99 which is really a striking price when it comes to a music player for a phone. There is content and quality to support the price but user satisfaction can’t be achieved with that range.

Pros: amazing quality; real 3D surround sound; regular music player as well.

Cons: high price tag.

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