Baseball Kings- Mastering Baseball in 3D

by Nov 24, 20140 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Appnori
Rating : 4
Positives : 3D graphics, Training mode
Negatives : None

If you are a baseball fan who doesn’t like the idea of the fun ending with the five months of baseball, then here’s something for you. Baseball Kings, an iOS app developed by APPNORI is a fun 3D game that will keep the game alive and allow you to experience it anywhere you go. It is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, requiring iOS 4.0 or higher.


The app is a simple one that puts to test your ability to throw a perfect pitch or anything close to it. In terms of graphics, the app gives you a 3D image of the entire field, placing you in the centre or front of the mound, ready to send the ball over the home plate. The 3D effect is so well done that you will feel all of this come alive in front of your eyes.

The app has been organized and designed very methodically and thoughtfully. On the home screen, there are three options- Batting, Play and Training. If you choose Training, you get time to get familiar with the working of the app by pitching as many balls as you wish. This helps you expertise on the field pitching. In the Batting mode, you can practise batting as many times as you like. This mode helps you refine and enhance your batting skills.


If you are a beginner with the app or with baseball in general and would like to try out your hand at the game, then Training is just perfect for you. You are placed in the dead centre of the field and at a distance will be a player all set to catch. To simulate reality, the power of the throw or the force can be altered. An arrow indicates the strength of the pitch that you are about to launch. Also, to help you focus, the catcher is marked as target with a transparent circle. If you throw within that circle, it is a point. Else it is taken a s a strike. If you get 3 strikes, then you’re out.

The Training provides the ideal background for anyone who would like to give a shot to the game and master it with practise. Once you think you have trained enough, got the right tactics of angle and force, then it is time to move on to the main Play. To begin with, you can choose your team from a variety of teams. After selecting your team, you are given a set of instructions that tell you how the ball will travel given the flick applied by you. There is also a small tutorial that gives you a very good idea of the game.


While the pitching mechanisms are excellent, the hitting ones need to be worked upon a bit at present. The movement of the other players needs some finishing too. The app offers fun in- app achievements like striking out two batters in a single inning. The app offers Facebook integration, allowing you to post high scores and updates online for everyone to see.

The cartoon style graphics, the excellent 3D mechanisms and the easy to use interface give the app an edge over other baseball apps. The app is currently available at the App Store for $0.99, which is very reasonable for what it has to offer. If baseball is your game or you’d like to give it a shot, then this app is what you need.


Good: 3D graphics, Training mode

Bad: Batting mechanism needs to be worked on

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