BoostHQ – Sharing is Caring

by Feb 2, 20170 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : SkyPrep Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics
Negatives : none

So many social networks and so much content that you want to publish and share! Also, there is so little time to do all this. So where can you go? You need a social media for content sharing such as: Email; Facebook; Google Drive; etc. But sometimes, we lose the content due to some interruptions in the network or the constant workarounds or any other issue. There is an app for you will not only solve your problem, but also will not interrupt your workflow. It’s called Boost HQ, available on the iTunes store.

This app has been developed by SkyPrep Inc. It requires iOS 9.0 or any later versions and is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and obviously iPhone.


Boost HQ is an app that improves the way teams share links, files and other necessary documents. You can create your Boost HQ account quickly and easily without any obligations by just entering your email address. Boost HQ helps to strengthen your team’s productivity. It can improve the way we work at anytime, anywhere when you want to share a content. You don’t need to have a face-to-face conversation with your colleagues on their desk. Just Boost your content, when you want to share it with anyone you want to.

Boost HQ integrates with Safari, Dropbox, Google Docs, YouTube, Evernote, Instagram, etc. Boost HQ organizes knowledge in the form of channels and highlights only the useful content to prevent overloading.


You can create different channels or folders to share content with Boost HQ. You can call it as a smart team repository. Moreover, you can create discussions with individuals or on topics. Any comment or discussion related to the items stays within the content instead of being lost in the messages and emails. You can add anything to your channels such as: videos, files and links, and organize them according to the topic name so that you can source them from anywhere. Don’t worry about retrieval of data, it will not be lost anywhere and you can find and discover the content easily.

You must be up-to-date about the content being shared by team members. If you share anything, then, give access permission to your team members allowing them to be viewers, contributors or content owners. They can react towards your content by liking or bookmarking.

You can re-share the content into other channels or it can be referenced directly with team members.

Overall, Boost HQ is an amazing as well as distinct app with unique features to make you better at your job. It will help to tackle sharing problems in your organisation. So, never lose content in a sea of email threads and team-chats, ever again.

Get it for free now! It’s available on the iTunes store. Download it today!

PROS: shares content quickly without any hurdle; integrated with Facebook, Google Docs, etc.; easy retrieval of content; helpful in team based work; harness the power of sharing in any organisation; free.


CONS: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App