Bring Prints to Life with LucidPress

by Nov 26, 20130 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : Web
Developer : Lucid Software Inc
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Fabulous Layout, Easy to Use
Negatives : None

Bringing life to your print can be a job that requires tremendous creativity and effort. You have tools that can help you create a print layout but they often have limitations or require you to work for hours to make the print layout. Even then, the layout may not be high in quality. With LucidPress, you have the answer to all these problems and you can create print layouts that are high in quality and vibrant in color. The print layouts will look flawless while the digital layouts will be smart. The web tool provides you option to make both of them with ease and comfort.

Lucidpress is a web tool with numerous editing options. You can incorporate images and videos into it and make your layout as interesting as possible. There are numerous options available for you to use while editing pictures and incorporating them with text. You can choose navigation options in case of digital publications. This is not just software but a collaborative tool where you can ask for suggestion from the fellow users in order to improve. The time taken for the creation will be quite less with LucidPress but the outcome will be fascinating enough to make your customers want more. you can use this tool to make brochures, newsletters, books, flyers and many such things and print in great quality.



  • LucidPress provides a tool that can be used to develop print layout. There are numerous tools available with it the will make the editing and formatting quite easy.
  • The app can be useful in making printable layout as well as digital publishing. The digital documents can be read in computer, tablet and all such devices.
  • The tools will have text editing options where you will be able to change size of the text and also overlay one text over the other. You can do the same for your pictures. The print out will come out to be absolutely fine.
  • The digital documents can be quite interactive depending on the way you make them.
  • The design will be pixel perfect which means you can select the pixel count for the pictures you choose.
  • There are other users using the software and they can also suggest you what to do with the documents. The collaboration from clients and other users can be implemented on your document, right away.
  • It is not quite difficult to understand the tool as the process will guide you to work on the same.
  • You need to register online for using the tool. You just need your email id to do the same. You can also sign in through Google or Yahoo account.
  • It is a web based app which can be easily used on any operating system.
  • You can check the demo before you actually register.

Summary: LucidPress is a web tool that has made printing and related layout works quite easy for the user. You can use the tool to build layout for printing and digital media. The interactive part of the tool will help you improve in your job.

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