Cleaner app for your Android phone? Check the answer HERE!

by Jun 13, 20190 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Developer : Nox ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use,
Negatives : none

Your phone suddenly got long time to start or even to open your favorite videos to watch? Do you ever get angry when your phone got freeze at the moment you nearly got win in the game? If so, just take a quickly look at our newest Android Phone Cleaner, Booster and Optimizer- NOX CLEANER!

Nox Cleaner is a software that provides memory booster and optimizer, CPU cooler, virus cleanup, game booster and may more others that wait for you to explore!


You guys may got curious which features NoxCleaner provide, so let’s us start today’s review!

  1. Junk Files Cleaner

With the optimal algorithm logic, Nox Cleaner helps mobile phones clean up system cache, junk files, advertising junks, useless download files, search history or even the clipboard contents. Hence, your phone storage will get more space by eliminating the unwanted junks that was piled up in the memory for a long time! Nox Cleaner can also help to free up memory and to speed up your phone for a better experience when using the social apps, watching movies or playing games!

  1. Phone Booster

By releasing the useless junks inside the memory that you could get a lighter RAM, a quicker memory that accelerate the phone performance! One tap and your phone will fly as quick as new!!!

  1. CPU Cooler

You may experience the phone got heat second by second when watching videos or playing games for hours. NoxCleaner’s CPU Cooler feature could help you solve it easily! Provided with the smart heating detecting system, NoxCleaner could help you filter out battery-drainers that are running in the phone backstage and heating up your phone. Hence, your phone will be saved from heating-up problem and now you can easily enjoy the show!

NoxCleaner not only can do the upper things, it also has Game Booster for favorite games or apps, App Locker for a more secured app information protection, Antivirus for a real time virus scanner and protector, Image Manager for a quicker photo management or Battery Saver for a smart and effective battery management. Long words could not describe all the powerful feature of NoxCleaner. Give it a try and you will not regret it of installing the app!

If you found the app useful, hit the download link and give them any feedback in the review part to improve the app further! Peace!