Clockodo – Your Time Tracking Solution

by Mar 5, 20170 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : Web
Developer : clickbits GmbH
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use
Negatives : None

Clockodo was created to help professionals to monitor their time spent on a particular task or a project. This app is basically designed for small businesses and freelancers. It helps users to access stylish dashboard that displays work by project and services. It also helps it’s users to track billable time and total tracked time. It generates reports to assist it’s users with budgeting. It’s Diagram option helps it’s users to review information as a pie chart along with 5 different time frame options. Project report provided with more details along with the overview of the services showing individual services and how much of a tracked time they require. User can group time entries by day or task. It’s user friendly interface and clean design gained some positive attention from the users for it’s users. It’s a valuable application for the users who wants to get the job done at ease. It’s easy navigation makes Clockodo a better option for it’s users. It’s practical features with an user friendly interface gives professionals an environment that nurtures productivity.

Get started with Clockodo:

Clockodo provides free trial to it’s new users. A user can click on the green button and choose “Try it for free option” or the “free trial” link on the homepage by clicking on to the white button. The following page shows the registration form which requires a first and the last name, emal address and a company name. The free trial version of the app last for 40 days and after that a user have to purchase a paid subscription to continue with the services. A subscription of $8 per month includes access to all current basic features. A user then can add employees at $5 per employee each month and is only charged for the employees active during a month. If an employee doesn’t access it’s account for a month, then the subscription fees will not be billed for the following month.


Pros: Helps users with a free trial for 30 days to help them to get a complete satisfaction before going in for the paid subscription.
Paid subscriptions are only billed for the employees who use their account on a previous month. No charges will be applied if account not being used for the whole month. Desktop and smartphone versions are also available. Reporting tools helps to review data as a pie chart or a bar graph.

Cons: Clockodo offers many features but most of these features are also found in many other applications.
Clockodo is a valuable application for small business and freelancers. It has a number of tools that helps it’s users to monitor their’s as well as their employee’s time. Billing system is also very useful for smaller organisations. The subscription fees is low and user gets billed only for a month he logged in for the services. Application also helps it’s users to stay within budget by accessing the cost of specific jobs or projects. These are some of the features that makes Clokodo worth and one of the best user friendly application avaliable at present.

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