Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs: App Review

by Nov 7, 20170 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : iPhone
Developer : CoachGuitar
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, concept
Negatives : none


Playing the guitar is one of the skills that many of us want to learn and develop. The ability to play any song on the strings of a guitar is an entertaining and interesting skill to have. I wanted to learn but didn’t have access to a professional tutor. Thankfully, I have an iPad and there are applications for this training. After some research, I found the Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs application. It is available for free on the iTunes App Store. I was excited to try it and was not disappointed. Here is more about the application and my experience with it.

About the application

Unlike other guitar training apps, the Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs app does not have any theory or instructions which you have to follow so as to learn how to play the guitar. It is entirely visual. After I downloaded and installed it in my iPad, the application informed me that I would be learning this skill entirely by watching colors on the app. I wondered how this would work but continued.


The application presents an image of a black fretboard which represents my guitar. On this black fretboard, there are colored dots which represent my fingers. After activating a particular song, the dots show you where your fingers should press upon the fretboard.

The image presented in the application moved along with me as I pressed on the strings and strummed my acoustic guitar. It was such an interesting experience. There was no theory, no frets to learn and no tables to follow. After getting used to it, I was soon playing a number of popular songs like a professional.

Pros of the application

The Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs application has a number of advantages that make it stand out among guitar skill applications. They are:

1. It is entirely visual and has no written theoretical material to read
2. It is divided into two helpful sections which are the Basics for Beginner lessons and popular tracks that you can play
3. The colors are vibrant and easy to see
4. The application uses the common, general acoustic guitar
5. The visual lessons can be repeated or slowed down for better understanding
6. There is a collection of popular tracks which you can play
7. The application allows you to save your progress hence you can learn at your own pace

Cons of the application

1. The dots are difficult to see on an iPhone with a small display so you have to get a big display Apple device

Final verdict

I had so much fun with this skill application. The Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs app made it entertaining and fun to play the guitar. At only 110MB, it is a medium sized application that does not take up much space in my iPad. Also, it is available in many languages so I could simply pick the one most comfortable for me. Currently in version 5.0, this application is great for those who want to learn how to play the guitar.

Worth Having App – Download the App