Construction Crew: Baby sized steps into the world of machines

by Sep 28, 20140 comments

Genre : puzzles
Platform : Android
Developer : Tiltgames
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Superb graphics
Negatives : none

There are some who love working with machines. Machines are a source of fascination to them and are a passion. While working with individual machines is relatively easy, things get harder when you have to take care of multiple machines at a time. A perfect scenario for this would be a construction site with a huge crew and a varied collection of machines. If you are unable to picture yourself there, the Android app Construction Crew will help you with this.


The basic idea of this app is that you are in a construction business and you are faced with over 45 levels, each posing a unique set of difficulties. You have a box and are responsible for delivering it into the right position. While the task seems simple, it gets complicated by the unpredictable issues arising throughout. Through a variety of tools, the game is sure to keep you engaged. All in all, there are over 45 levels, 12 types of vehicles including forklifts, tractors, dumpers, ships, helicopters, cranes and much more.


If you are wondering what makes this game so unique and special besides just its concept, then your questions will be answered by the graphics. They have been designed to suit the purpose of the game, using a variety of props, vehicles and variety of scenarios. At the bigger picture, there are three levels for you to explore. Each movement is fluid and the animations are perfectly tailored. To make things more basic, the controls have been kept very simple and fun.

Before setting off on the difficulty of each level, the game gradually moves from easy to hard. At each level, all newly added tools are introduced, with a demo of their working individually. Henceforth, you have to figure out how to sync multiple tools and use them to achieve your task. While some of the challenges are simple, others can be quite difficult to figure out at times.

The game uses reality physics to help you connect with the world of machines. Also, the user interface is very appealing and neatly designed. There is a set of cool sound effects. Different engines make different sounds, allowing you to identify each by their sounds alone.


If you have a child who loves mechanics and would like to explore the world of machines, this game is one of the best ways to accomplish this. The easy controls ensure that kids and adults alike can enjoy the game. All you need is a bit of logical reasoning and an Android device with Android version 2.3 or higher and 17 MB of free memory space. It is available for free on the Google Play Store for people to explore the world and life of a Construction Crew.

This Android app is one of the best ones if you wish to spend some time doing something mechanical. It takes you into the construction business to introduce you to the world of machines. All you need is some leisure time and a bit of brains.

Good: Superb graphics

Bad: None

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