Create Music on the go with Walk Band Toolkit

by Sep 13, 20140 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : Sound
Negatives : None

Musical apps are ruling the play store in the recent times and you got to check out different music composing and playing app if you are a music lover. There is one such music app in the play store which is actually a toolkit for the music lovers for different musical instrument. The app named Walk Band is customized for the android users and there are different toolkits available in the app. Piano, Guitar, Drum Machine, Drum Kit, Bass, Multi track midi recording are just some of the specialties to mention in the app.


Walk Band, presented by Revontulet Studio is a complete toolkit for more than one music players. You can add bass and piano to drum or Vis-a-Vis in order to create beautiful music. It is also possible to connect external keyboard to the overall system and several keyboards are supported in the app. it is an app that is free to download on your android device but the compatibility varies. There are several modes available for different instruments that are present in the app and the app will allow you to play your favorite music anywhere and anytime.



  • Walk Band is a musical toolkit app that features a lot of music players such as Piano, Bass, Drum, Guitar and many more.
  • You can combine more than one instrument simultaneously in order to create different musical effects.
  • The app provides you option to use external keyboard in case of piano. Only a list of keyboard can be used.
  • The app also provides you an opportunity to play your favorite music anywhere you want.
  • The sounds of the instruments are similar to that of the real world. So your musical sense can be optimized to the fullest,.
  • The app has multi touch option in most of the instrument such as piano, guitar, drum and more. You can use your fingers to create music in the app.
  • There are five keyboard sound options available in Piano such as Music Box, Rhodes, Piano, Synth and Organ.
  • You can also adjust the key width according to your preference in Piano.
  • You can use the chords mode of guitar and the chords will be clearly visible to you.
  • Nylon Guitar, clean electric and steel string guitar options are present in the guitar section.
  • In case you are using drum you can play MP3 in the background and provide a musical effect to the same.
  • Demo beats are available in the drum toolkit.
  • In case of drum machine there are 11 preloaded patterns that can be used.
  • Bass has both chords mode and solo mode.
  • You also have multi track recording option in the app where you can use more than one instrument.
  • The app is available for free for the android users and it takes different spaces in different models of smart phones.
  • The latest version of the app has zoom in and zoom out option in multi track recording.

Summary: Walk Band is a musical toolkit of different instruments presented in a compact form and it can be used to create music as per your choice.

Good: The app has captured small details of each music player and the sounds are similar to the real sound of instruments.

Bad: The provider has already solved most of the previous loading problems with the app.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App