Dummy Escape Lite : A Fresh Experience

by Feb 12, 20130 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


A lot of people are attracted to games that are based on physics and logic, especially real life physics that is easily understandable, as in Dummy Escape Lite by Viatcheslav Tarasov. The app is compatible with iPads as well as the iPhone.  The game involves using your dummy in order to cross hurdles. The game is available in both the free and the paid versions. It comes with great music and is very exciting. The player needs to make his dummy flip and jump in order to cross hurdles. The game is interesting and not repetitive, as it consists of a variety of tasks. It is a unique game and quite different from the other popular games seen today, as it consists of several different levels, with some of them at a high difficulty level.


  • The game is a 2.5D one and has amazing graphics and fast moves.
  • The paid version consists of several more bunkers for crossing.
  • You can control the dummy either by rotating it either to the left or the right or also by making flips and charging it for power jumps.
  • The game involves jumping over platforms, tubes, holes as well as other obstacles.
  • Every level offers the tutorial, so that the player can see how to use the controls.
  • Visuals are very attractive and very suitable for all iDevices.
  • You can stabilize the dummy through the moves by means of a stabilize button.
  • There are different tasks set for the different levels.
  • The free version offers 20 bunkers and the paid one offers 100 bunkers.
  • If you are not able to win a level, it is possible to try again from the save level and you need not go back to the first level.
  • The app requires an iOS of 4.3 or later for running and occupies 39.6 MB on the device in case of the 1.1 version.

The Good

The sound effects are very good and so are the graphics. It is an engrossing and interesting game. Many other physics based games are quite complicated; however, the Dummy Escape Lite delivers fully whatever has been promised and the real life physics it uses can be easily understood by the players.

The Bad

Initially, the ads were being shown right in the middle of the screen, which posed a problem for players in the earlier version. This has, however, been fixed. There are not enough levels or hurdles and providing a little more of these could be more interesting.


Dummy Escape Lite is an app for the iPhone or the iPad and it is a 2.5D game. It is based on understandable physics and consists of several interesting levels of varying difficulty. The game has good sound effects and is offered in both the free and the paid versions. It is capable of engrossing the player completely with its interesting features. The game consists of guiding a dummy by jumping and flipping it through several (20 in the free version and 100 in the paid version) experimental bunkers.

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