Edge Music App; Get An Unstoppable Music Video Experience

by Jun 20, 20160 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, Graphics, Music quality
Negatives : None

Music has been known to be a great source of entertainment to many people. It not only brings great excitement to the listener of the tunes but also ensures that one gets a soothing and relaxing experience. When listening to quality music, there is great need for one to consider two major things; the platform that is playing the music and the nature of the music. This clearly implies that the aspect of quality should always be considered especially for the video music and this can be achieved through getting the music through an effective channel. Ever thought of listening to high quality in a highly defined app for absolutely free? Actually, this is an amazing experience that awaits any music lover who is ready to download and install this great app.


Having been designed and developed by the Edge Music Network, this incredible app is absolutely exceptional when it comes to high quality delivery of video music. It has proven beyond doubt that the content incorporated within it is capable of producing both the quality sound and the highly defined videos in the music video. This has made its rating to be relatively high (4+ rating) where the honest reviewers applaud its unique sound combination, high quality output and consistent performance.

New Features?

Apparently, the Edge Music app has undergone quite a number of improvements and updates that has made it come out really effective. The most recent update was done on 23rd of May, 2016.For instance, one will notice that the app icons presently found in this app have been updated. Another interesting feature introduced is the personal playlist. This means that the user is guaranteed to create a list of favorite tracks that can ultimately be stored in a playlist. Besides, other general issues like those involving bugs have been fixed in order to enhance a continuous uninterrupted performance from the app.

The user can also get a subscription package of this app at only $9.99 per month and get unlimited access to the entire library music without any hassle!


Compatibility of the Edge Music app

High quality concerns in relation to video music has been the key concern when it comes to the operation of this app. This is why it has adopted a great platform that can deliver such quality at par. Such compatible devices include the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. When it comes to the operation system, the iOS 9.0 or any new one is regarded as the ultimate operating tool for this great app.

Since the app contains features that are easy to comprehend, this makes it quite easy to immediately use it once it has been downloaded and installed.

Below is a set of unique features displayed by the Edge Music app. Check them out:

Wide and varied music content

The music video content availed here is quite exclusive due to the integration of all sorts of music. This includes those that have been recently released, featured by different artists and even those that can be gained at a discount.

Personal Playlist supported 

This incredible app gives the user a unique opportunity in coming up with a personalized playlist of favorite video music. This feature sis deemed to bring great satisfaction to the users and gives an individual a unique learning experience.

Get Different Earnings and Rewards

How can this be made possible? Actually, this classic app has a unique component where users can watch different selected videos and get a chance to win different rewards and make earnings. Don’t miss out in such kind of activities!


Get Fresh taste of handpicked video music

In some instances, the Edge Music experts update the user with a new set of new fresh video music that have just been unveiled. This is meant to keep the user updated with the current trends in the music industry.

Watch top videos in charts

There are numerous music videos integrated within this app that have been performed by top artists in the music industry. One can perfectly watch them and get different major labels from different artists without any sort of restriction.

Effective quick search of favorites

Whether the music video dates back to old times or is contained in new era, Edge Music app allows one to track them quite easily and get a chance to listen to the favorite tracks in store.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons found in this Edge Music app:


· A fascinating experience of unstoppable music video play

· Unique set of different music genres to choose from

· A chance to develop one’s own playlist

· Rewards are offered in some instances for watching videos

· Quick and easy music search


· Infrequent in performance due to bugs

· May result to different simulation like gambling, violence and crude humor

Final Verdict

Getting a unique set of different sorts of entertainment in a single platform is something that is worth adopting. Edge Music app has been perfectly designed to give its user unstoppable music video experience that exceeds expectations. From the personalized playlist creation to the overall exclusive content, the user will always get the best entertaining moment with it. It is the best time now to download this amazing app(at App Store) for free and enjoy the experience!

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