Electronic Toolbox Pro- Electronics for you in your pocket

by Aug 18, 20150 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Marcus Roskosch
Rating : 4
Positives : Huge variety of tools
Negatives : none

With the resources of the internet today, hobbyists have moved beyond textbooks. There are so many apps to help them learn and experiment. They are reaching out to people in all kinds of areas today. Electronic Toolbox Pro, an iOS app, is a complete toolbox in your pocket. Anyone from an engineer to an amateur to a hobbyist can use it whenever required and wherever required. It eliminates the need for reference books or any such material. It has been specifically designed for anyone who wishes to learn more about electronics and experiment in that space.


This app gives electronics enthusiasts a huge variety of formulas and background information related to electronics, along with a glossary. Although the glossary is available only in English at present, it comes in handy a lot. The app is equipped with a large number of tools ranging from calculators to data tables to database tools and more. It has the usual tools like common ICs, pinout diagrams, resistor calculators and the like.


The original version of this app was released in 2009. The improvement between then and now is tremendous indeed. The developer has made most of these improvements based on feedback from users.

While there are many similar apps in the market, this one is set apart by a few unique features. One of the main features is that there is a search option available on each and every page. . It serves as an excellent reference database with a wide variety of references. Also, while browsing the database for references, you can save useful and important ones through the menu. The database has been modified to accommodate all kinds of users. Also, corrections and updates have been made quicker. The only time you need to access the internet is while updating the database.


Another key feature is the Projects Tool. There is a tab for this tool in the main menu. It allows you to start any project that you are working on. As you develop the project, you can save everything regarding the details including circuit diagrams, calculations with results, IC references and more in one place. It allows you to save everything regarding your project in one place for easy reference at any later point in time. You can also email and print the lists as well as export them to iTunes.

The user interface has been kept quite simple and functional. Seems like the developer would rather focus on the tools. There is a typical grid with button for individual functions. Users are given the option to view them in the form of a lost and also rearrange them according to their priority. The types of tools can be identified mainly from the background colors used to classify them.

Electronic Toolbox Pro can be purchased from the App Store for $6.99. it requires 78.9MB of memory space and iOS 6.0 or higher. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With a simple and easy to use interface and over 72 individual tools, this app is indeed a handy tool for electronics engineers and hobbyists.

Good: Huge variety of tools and huge reference database

Bad: None

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