Enjoy Intuitive Task Management with MeisterTask!

by Jul 4, 20152 comments

Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : MeisterLabs
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, UI, concept
Negatives : none

MeisterTask is a smart, visual, and agile app that acts as a powerful yet simple collaboration and task management tool. It adapts perfectly to a team’s workflow and allows the team to work together with an increased efficiency.


MeisterTask allows one to create a project, add the requisite number of team members, assign tasks, and track progress of each other. The flexible project board of this app makes sure that there is no communication gap between any team-member. MeisterTask makes task management more intuitive than ever.


This intelligent task management tool on the web, created by the collaboration masters behind MindMeister, is a platform that offers a unique interface which makes task management efficient as well as enjoyable. Irrespective of whether one is a marketing professional who loves Kanban boards, a software developer operating with sprints, or an event manager in search of some powerful but simple task lists, MeisterTask is the tool that enables one to successfully manage projects and improve standards in efficient collaborations. It helps one in staying on top of their to-dos wherever they are, with its free mobile app for iPad and iPhone.

As soon as one is finished mapping and defining their tasks, one can drag and drop the tasks into a connected project in MeisterTask where everything can be completed together with the teammates. MeisterTask allows instant and painless communication as each task holds sufficient space for all the information one needs for successfully completing it. Whatever one does is saved in the activity stream of the task, thus allowing easy traceability.

The app allows the creation of an unlimited number of projects, and inviting others to collaborate. The notifications keep one up to date about what is happening in the team. It allows real-time communication across all devices. The customizable project boards support agile workflows (Kanban boards, software sprints etc). The focus widget displays all the tasks that are “marked as important”, “due”, or “overdue”. There is an activity stream in tasks and projects. The app enables liking and commenting on tasks.


MeisterTask allows uploading of attachments directly from Dropbox, iCloud, Camera, or Photo Library. It helps in adding checklists, due dates, descriptions, and tags to the tasks. It enables one to watch tasks in order to follow the progress of their team members.

The version 1.0.1 of the app has a lot to offer to the users. Some of the improvements are:

  • Change project/sections in task dialog
  • Syncing bugfixes
  • Handoff



MeisterTask is as easy and beautiful to use as MindMeister. It is one of the most beautiful Kanban implementations. It integrates seamlessly with MindMeister, the online mind mapping app which allows one to brainstorm with others in real-time and create project-plans visually. MeisterTask stands out as it helps one in successfully managing small projects and tasks alone as well as in remote collaboration without taking an expensive class. It is a “dream come true”.


MeisterTask would have been perfect, had it helped in time planning, budgeting and forecasting, percent-complete tracking, and Gantt Charts. It does not yet have a version for Android Phones.

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