Enjoy Your Sleep With The Whist – Sleep Sound Designer App

by Mar 4, 20160 comments

Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, colors, sound effect
Negatives : none

Are you having trouble getting sleep? Do you spend many hours in your bed without the sleep coming? If you are, then there is a new solution for you. The Whist – Sleep Sound Designer is an android mobile app that produces the soothing sounds which make you falls asleep, or even, help you to relax. The app is different from others in that it will not use pre-recorded tracks and other sounds that cause a distraction which might make the situation worse.

People face different challenges because they lack sleep. There are those who prefer to remain in a silent place while others may be affected by the fan noise in the background. The Whist – Sleep Sound Designer allows a user to adjust the quality, pitch and rhythm to get that soothing sound that will make you relax and get sleep. The good thing with this app is the fact that you can customize it to suit your sleeping needs.


The ideal features

To ensure that every user has what they are looking for, the Whist – Sleep Sound Designer has several features making it the ideal sleep app.

The app allows anyone who uses it to save all the customized sounds that might suit them. It could be bird noises, vehicle hooting, music or screams. If you know what make you happy, do customization on this app to get results.

An additional feature with this app is the ability to customize the rhythm of the noise produced, the tempo, pitch and the quality of sound. People have different things that work for them and therefore, one must develop unique sounds which have varying pitches and rhythm.


The next feature which is seen is the digital and analog clock. You can see the alarm using any of the two methods and clearly see the time when it is necessary.

There is a timer in the Whist – Sleep Sound Designer app which means, you set the minutes or hours to sleep. But this feature is mainly important to set the duration of the sounds made.

An additional and most important feature is the alarm clock. This is designed in a manner where it stops lighting in the dark so that it does not distract you when sleeping. You can set at what time to wake up or stop the sounds.

One thing that many users find attractive with this app is the simple user interface which is also intuitive for first-time users.



  • It has an intuitive user interface
  • No recorded tracks of rain beach and other annoying sounds
  • Allows customization to suit user needs
  • Settings to adjust rhythm, tempo and sound quality
  • New controls for pause, play and cycle


  • The Whist – Sleep Sound Designer comes at a cost
  • Works on Android device only

The bottom-line

The Whist – Sleep Sound Designer is the ideal sleep solution for those who have sleeping problems. The app allows a user to save every sound they want and stop those that are annoying. It could be in the office, bedroom, hotel or office. If you want to get a good sleep, then this is the new app to install.

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