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Platform : iPhone
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Rating : 4
Positives : UI, Graphics, simple
Negatives : None

Choosing a gym or studio for doing the workout or any other fitness classes is sometimes a hassle. Because the gym requires a membership and you never know whether the gym is meant for you and will suit you! This is quite compelling as well as an expensive way to stay fit. For example- before purchasing anything and before deciding something we almost try 3 or 4 outlets. Isn’t it? So why not we try 2-3 gyms before taking its membership. Similarly, when we choose a gym, we consider some points such as whether the gym is fulfilling your requirements and its environment is good or not, etc. Finally, we come to a particular solution if we find a proper gym or switch to some other if we don’t! But, the problem is that there is not a single gym, which gives you a try and doesn’t require any membership.

However, I’ve found something for you which may prove this wrong. Yes, Esquared is the only app which does not compel you to take any gym membership and also it arranges workout sessions for you on demand. Moreover, you need to pay only for the sessions you take.

So let’s begin with Esquared! Before booking a session, you need to SignUp on the app and create your profile. Now, you can proceed and search for the gyms and studios near you by location, facilities and everything else. If you find something interesting then you can click on it and choose your timings. Once you join it and arrive at the gym, just show the check-in code and start doing workouts, etc. Esquared not only organise workout sessions for you but, also have so many other interesting classes for you.

A few of them are here such as: Yoga classes, Spinning classes, Pilates classes Barre classes, Dance, boxing, Swimming classes, etc. If you’re interested in these classes, you can instantly see the venues available and their prices. Finally, you can book any type of class you want and premium 2-hour gym sessions in real-time at a local gym near you. If you want to enjoy the sessions with your friends or anyone else, you can also invite them via the app and also rate your experience after the gym session.

Overall, Esquared is an app worth to use. It’s simple, convenient and a great app for enjoying your workout sessions. There are no contract gyms- no more long-term commitments! Simply choose the Esquared app and simplify your life!

Esquared is compatible with all the iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad which are having iOS 10.3 or any other later versions of the Operating System.

The app is available for free on the iTunes Store!

Grab it now!

PROS: access hundreds of high-quality premium gyms nearby; book gym sessions on-demand; no membership; easy to use; provides 2-hour gym sessions; pay for each session; no timing issues; take sessions with friends; free to use.

CONS: none.

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