Experience the Glitter of Colorful Gems with Crystal Storm

by Aug 23, 20130 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Lightstorm3D
Rating : 4
Positives : The game has addictive game play
Negatives : The beautiful game is not available for all devices with android.

Gems are loved by all not only because they are colorful but also because the charm and sparkle they manage to bring in your eyes are unimaginable. That is the reason why games involving jewels are sure hit. There are several such games available on the internet, which have created history as millions of people prefer playing them. One such game is Crystal Storm which is about to create history in the world of android games. Crystal Storm by Lightstorm3D is a brain teaser and puzzle game available absolutely for free, for the android users.

The game of Crystal Storm is all about matching colors and creating combos with the same. There are numerous achievements in the game for you. Each of the levels is uniquely designed and they don’t look similar to one another. There are targets in the game. You may require beating the time or collecting a number of each color in order to complete the level. Choose the option according to your skill. Earning three stars will be your target but it is not quite easy to get those stars. You can always share your success story on Facebook and attract your friends to try it too.



  • Crystal Storm is a game of jewels where you require creating storm by clicking on color jewels connected to each other and destroying them.
  • The game can be played against time or according to a target that is set for each level.
  • There would be bonus collectible in some of the levels. You require taking them down to the bottom of the grid to achieve them.
  • There are more than 100 levels in the game and each of the level is unique.
  • The levels will provide you opportunity to have more than 130 achievements.
  • You can earn stars in each of the level. The maximum possible star for each level is 3.
  • The tactics mode of the game is quite interesting as you will have to plan your next move before you make the first one.
  • Combos will provide you more point in the game.
  • Runes, grids, and boulders will be there in the game. You require cleaning them all.
  • You can generate the extras in order to master the difficult levels.
  • Marble and candy collection and the new 20 achievements make the game even more interesting.
  • The game graphics is in HD which makes it look great. The sound is also quite good and new sounds are added in the updated version.
  • The size and compatibility of the game varies with device.

Summary: Crystal Storm is a unique game of jewel and its look is quite attractive to keep you engaged for a long period of time.

Good: The game has addictive game play and you don’t require paying a penny in order to download this game.

Bad: None

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